5 Ways to Rock a Power Ponytail

There’s just something about a ponytail, but perhaps the singular thing that sets it apart from so many other ways to wear your hair...is that it is truly the “little black dress” of hairstyles. It looks just as stunning at a formal event as it does running errands, swinging to your workout beat at the gym or just waving in the wind on a car-top-down girls weekend. They work for any face shape, any occasion and everyone...and best of all they are the ultimate way to keep your hair back on sweltering hot, humid days.

It is truly the most versatile hairstyle as it requires so very little in terms of both styling product and even equipment. You can wear it as high up as Ariana Grande does, or low along the neckline or even to the side. For those of us who want the look but don’t have the time for the kind of mermaid length grow out of natural hair to make it look great, our Perfect Locks Clip-In Ponytail Extensions get the job done. Featuring our DuraLock™ clip comb clip and French lace base with velcro wraparound strap you can recreate any of these trendy styles below in a flash.

Hailey Bieber’s Statement Blonde Pony

No matter what red carpet celebrity gathering there is, you don’t have to look too far to spot an elegant top ponytail. Hailey Bieber has an affinity for wearing her ponytail this way, looking elegant at the MET Gala in a stunning Alexander Wang dress.

Ariana Grande’s Iconic Ponytail

While Hailey’s ponytail only extended to the nape of her neck, when it comes to the ultimate top ponytail...Ariana reigns supreme. This hairstyle is virtually synonymous with Grande, so much so that when she was invited to perform in concert in the Fortnite video game this month as part of a virtual concert series in the battle royale, her pony was there too! 

Out of the digital landscape when she filmed her commercial for Ulta Beauty this month for her new perfume “God Is A Woman”, she looked effortlessly elegant in an romantic era lavender dress with a mermaid length ponytail worn lower than her signature style.

Teased Texture Ponytail

A ponytail can look amazing simply teased out or, just letting its natural texture fly. NY stylist Jennifer Yepez created wispy face framing strands with a teased low ponytail for actor Laura Harrier for the CFDA Awards and the look is everything. Use one of our gorgeously textured curly clip-in ponytails or other types of curly hair extensions to achieve this gorgeous look. 

Just across town another stylist Ursula Stephen shows what a white tailed tuxedo looks like on a celebrity client with a teased texture ponytail halfway down her back.

To The Side Statement Ponytail

Beyoncé is well known for pushing the envelope when it comes to changing up her entire look to suit the occasion. For a Tidal X: 1020 Amplified by HTC concert she stepped out in a look that went viral: a voluminous side ponytail that she also had worn to the MET Gala. Swingy, statement making and fun, the look is that little bit of unique individuality for a formal occasion.

beyonce ponytail hairstyles

The Bubble Ponytail

This particular look is a variation on all of the above and its unusual name derives from tying it off in segments and pulling it apart to create bubbles of hair that travel down the length of the ponytail. Priyanka Chopra sported this 1990s throwback look at the BAFTAS in London back in April.

Seen more closely below it is simple to create and looks amazing on anyone.

So get creative with our Perfect Locks Clip On Ponytail! It’s a style that is evergreen and good for all seasons.

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