3 Easy Hairstyles for Moms on the Go

Moms always have a lot on their plate. Whether they are taking care of the kids, working full time, running what seems like endless errands, going to school, cooking or any of the other incredible things mothers do that makes them amazing moms, they deserve a look that is incredibly low maintenance yet super stylish! Here are some of our favorite, quick and easy mom-chic looks: 

effortless clip in ponytail extensions

The Effortless Pony

The ponytail is every busy woman’s go-to style because it’s easy to create and lasts all day. There are several different ways to jazz up a ponytail to make it look incredibly stylish with very little effort. Add some waves or curls to your ponytail like Kristin Cavallari, or try sparkle with some jeweled or metallic clips. Cute and functional is the best way to go! Achieve this look with our clip-in ponytail extensions.


braided ponytail extensions

Bold Braids

Perhaps the most child-proof hairstyle known to all mom-kind is a braid. Whether you’re running errands with the kids or running a 10k a braid can survive just about anything and takes just a few minutes to put together. Braids are also incredibly versatile as there are several different kinds. Rock a loose braid like Chrissy Teigen, for a more bohemian look try a fishtail braid, or for extra hold and extremely low maintenance try a more secure braiding style like cornrows. Get your favorite braids with our bulk hair for braiding or add volume and length to your braid with our clip-in hair extensions.


kim kardashian lace front wig

The Instant Do: Wigs

For the moms whose hair is recovering from damage, hair loss or simply does not have any time to dedicate to their own hair, a wig is the best solution! When you’ve got to be out the door in a matter of minutes, your hair will be the last of your worries. Just slip on your wig and you’re good to go. With our full lace and lace front wigs, your hair will always be put together. Achieve Kim Kardashian style everyday!

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