The Ultimate Guide to Summer Hair Care for Extensions

summer hair care routine

We all know that the hot summer months can do quite a bit of damage to your hair, and that’s why it’s imperative that you take special care of your extensions. It’s important to remember that extensions are no longer attached to the scalp, so the only way the receive nutrients and moisture is if you provide them with it by washing them, giving them treatments and replenish their nutrients with oils.

Create a Wash Routine

washing hair extensions

The best way to maintain your hair and restore it to its natural beauty is by washing away any product that may have built up. The more often you wear the hair, the more often you’ll need to wash it. If the hair must be washed while installed, take caution when washing the hair near its base (such as fusion hair extensions, tape-in extensions, and sew-in weaves). Aggressive washing will most likely lead to a looser install and can even result in slippage. In addition, conditioners can loosen for the bond for keratin glue. Be gentle when washing the hair and the installation will last as long as it’s expected to. Being exposed to extreme heat can really dry out your hair so be sure to use moisturizing products such as our hydrating shampoo and hydrating conditioner to refresh the hair.

Provide Hair Treatments

treatment for dry hair

Your hair needs a little extra TLC in the summertime and your extensions are no different. Depending on how often the hair is worn, monthly (and sometimes weekly) hair treatments may be necessary. Experience silky smooth hair all summer with our deep conditioner. These hair treatments work to penetrate the hair deeper than regular conditioner so that the hair can retain its moisture for longer.

Use Leave-Ins, Oils and Serums

hair oils and treatments

All of these products are a girl’s BFF in the summer! Your hair tends to dry out faster, causing it to frizz up so these products work to combat that. If your hair is feeling a bit dry and brittle, just spritz it a few times with leave-in conditioner to bring it back to life. If you need to tame some flyaways or notice that your hair has loss some sheen, argan oil and silk serums are the way to go. They provide the nutrients your hair needs as well as create a protective barrier against the harsh rays.

These tips will help you look flawless all summer long!

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