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7 Important Tips When You First Get Your Extensions

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STOP! As excited as you are when your Perfect Locks extensions arrive, here are 7 important tips when you first get your hair extensions.

Tip #1: Read the Perfect Locks Haircare Guide and Return Policy.

Unboxing perfect locks hair extensions

So often in our excitement we skip the instructions (and go right to building that IKEA dresser). With your hair extensions the right fit, do’s and don’ts and even care is really essential if you want them to last and even suit you. Take the time to read our Perfect Locks Haircare Guide. 

You want to know: 

  • The right and wrong way to apply your extensions be it attachment clips or or others. 
  • How to maintain your hair extensions. All Perfect Locks hair extensions, wefts and wigs are made with 100% authentic Indian Remy Hair and caring for it is no different than caring for your real hair. Additionally since it’s not attached to your scalp it won’t get the benefit of natural scalp oils, so proper care and maintenance is a must.

You also want to be aware of Easy Refund, Exchanges and Return Policy. More on that below.

Tip #2: Wash your extensions prior to texture matching them with your natural hair.

Don’t remember the purple ties yet! Wash your extensions with a sulfate-free, paraben-free shampoo and conditioner that is specifically formulated for hair extensions. The reason for this is that many everyday shampoos and conditioners contain ingredients that can strip and harm the cuticles of your hair extensions.

The products and method of washing and detangling differ slightly depending on which texture you’ve ordered. Generally for straight hair you want to use some Argan Oil on damp hair and a Curl Cream and Argan Oil on straight hair. See below for a quick tutorial!





Blow dry them with a diffuser attachment or simply air dry them when done and at last it is matching time (don’t cut that purple tie yet!)

Tip #3: Inspect your hair making sure it’s a good color and texture match with your own hair.

The last inspection step when your hair extensions arrive before installing them is to make sure you are happy with the color and texture. Is the length good? How does it blend? Don’t cut those ties until you are 100% certain!

length check hair extensions
  • Hold the hair up to your own and twist with your own natural hair. This gives you a good idea of how it’ll blend when installed.
  • If you’d like you can even finger comb together to get a blend and feel. 
blend check hair extensions
  • How is the length? With our clip-in sets or volumizers, put them up to the middle of your head and see if the length is right. With tape-ins, weaves or bulk hair, place them up at the top of your head and see how they fall and if the length is what you want.

If it looks good, great! If it doesn’t you can take advantage of our 14 day return/30 day exchanges policy provided the security ties have not been removed or cut. Read the complete criteria here:

Tip #4: Satisfied? Cut the tie! But do so carefully.

Remove the purple zip ties and get ready to install!

Tip #5: Install them in your hair.

Installing our clip-ins, volumizers and other systems can be done in a flash! The first time may feel a little awkward while you get the placement of the clips right and are satisfied with where you’ve placed them. Once used to the method, you can whip together a hair change in minutes, just like putting on makeup!

Need some help? 

Some hair extensions won't last long if they are not properly installed, so check out some of our helpful installation tutorial videos below. Don’t see your particular hair extension? No problem! Clip through on any video to our YouTube channel to find everything from installs to makeover, trends to tips!

Perfect Crown™ Hair Extensions

Perfect Locks Seamless Clip-Ins

Perfect Locks Clip-In Ponytail

Unless you ordered our clip-ins or wigs that can be easily applied by you, tape-ins, beaded installs and other more “permanent” hair extensions should only ever be applied by a licensed and trained hairdresser. Perfect Locks is not responsible for damage, installation or issues if a professional hair extension method is conducted at home by you. 

Tip #6: Clip-ins? To keep them looking gorgeous, properly store them.

Perfect Locks Packaging

Clip-ins offer you the most versatile hair extensions experience as you can simply take them out at the end of the night or special occasion and store them. You should never, ever sleep with your clip-in hair extensions as the tossing and turning we all do during the night can tangle them or damage the clips or even the attachment of the hair to the base. 

Simply brush them gently and put them back into their purple velvet silk lined pouch. The special silk lining is designed to not roughen up the hair and keep it from frizzing. 

Tip #7: “Permanent” extensions? To keep them tangle-free, properly wrap them!

Unlike clip-ins, your “permanent” hair extensions go in and stay in for months at a time, but they also need some nighttime care. Often times cotton pillowcases with their rougher fabric texture can grab hold of your hair as you sleep, leading to tangles and even a frizzy cuticle. Silk Pillowcases aren’t just luxurious and cooler to sleep on, but they have they have the added benefit of a very fine weave that won’t tangle your extensions!

Alternatively you can also wrap your hair up with a Satin-Silk Hair Bonnet. It works on the same idea as the silk pillowcase, being finely woven inside that won’t tangle or damage hair as you sleep.

It's also important to consider hair extensions cost when you are planning to get one. While prices may vary depending on the type and quality, choosing the right product that suits your needs is what matters.

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Love Great Hair?

Stay chic and informed with our exclusive updates for tutorials, trends, tips, and early sales access!

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Priyanka Swamy, Founder of Perfect Locks LLC

Priyanka Swamy

Author and Founder of Perfect Locks LLC

Priyanka Swamy, the visionary founder of Perfect Locks LLC, is a passionate advocate for empowering women and promoting cultural diversity. With an unwavering commitment to ethical sourcing and quality craftsmanship, she redefined the hair extension market and created a supportive community that celebrates individuality. Priyanka's dedication to sustainability and social responsibility continues to inspire positive change within the industry. Her journey with Perfect Locks remains an inspiration, unlocking the true potential and confidence of countless individuals worldwide. Connect with Priyanka on Instagram and LinkedIn.

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