The Winter Girls' Guide to Protecting Your Hair Extensions

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The rules to keep them from frizzing out, drying up and tangling.

Winter poses a number of challenges for your own natural hair. From the rapid temperature changes from frigid winter winds outdoors to moisture stealing baseboard heating…it’s a season VERY unfriendly to hair. 

One of the biggest mistakes we’ve all made at one point or another is taking advantage of our hair extensions and add-on hair pieces, forgetting the fact that they are made off 100% human hair. Because of this, they are as prone to damage from the environment, thermal styling tools and product buildup as our own natural hair is. 

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Just like your natural hair, hair extensions need to be washed and conditioned regularly to keep them from tangling and looking worn in. Fusion and even tape-in extensions are the most durable, but they require brushing, sulfate free shampoo & conditioner and proper care to stay flawless. While clip-ins require the least amount of maintenance, they still require a little love. After each 6th to 8th time wearing them, they should gently washed, combed and conditioned and allowed to air dry on a towel to keep them looking their best. Fear not, below are a few key rules to keep your add-on hair looking as gorgeous as you are! 

#1: When it comes time to wash them, what you use matter

Chemicals and caustic drying ingredients such as lather-creating sulfates commonly found in your typical shampoo strip natural oils and damage the cuticle layer. Since your add-on hair lacks the benefit of getting a top up dose of oils from your scalp that your natural hair does…it’s all the more important to use products specifically designed for them. For this reason alone we created a complete hair care collection that is sulfate-free  and will never damage your extensions: INSPIRE. 

2: Tangling will happen, the key is a brushing routine & the right tool

In the old days matting, tangling and shedding were on the biggest challenges with add-on hair. Hair technology has come a long way, but tangling is still a challenge if you scrimp on brushing your extensions or use coarse brushes that can cause damage. Specially designed loop brushes such as the Perfect Lock Hair Extension Loop Brush uses loops instead of bristles.

    • To brush: hold your hair roots with one hand to support the bonds. With the other hand, brush gently by starting at the ends and working up toward the scalp. Always go in a downward direction to preserve the hair’s natural direction.
    • It’s important to brush at least twice time a day. It’s one of the best ways you can get the most out of your hair extensions.
    • A tool like a hair extension detangling caddy can assist you with this process.

#3: When you wash them, avoid the "ball and lather" mistake

Extensions need to be treated gently…but still cleansed and conditioned from time to time. Shampoo and conditioner thoroughly and gently, comb your hands through your hair from weft to ends, keeping the hair as straight and smooth as possible. Never “ball and lather” the hair, as ultimately this puts strain on the bond and also leads to a tangled mess.

avoid the ball and lather mistake

For more tips, tricks and trends…follow this blog! We’ll keep you in the know all winter long.

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