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2023 Hair Trends: Hair Cuts, Color Palettes And More!

Last year saw a host of newer, bolder haircut and style moments as Hollywood fashionistas and the average gal went for unique twists on classic cuts, as well as bringing in some warm takes on nostalgia styles. From the feathery 70s “butterfly cut” to the reemergence of the bob in all of its many lengths, layers, and forms, it was a year for dipping your toe into trendy style before going wild. This promises a continuation of the same, with bolder, more nuanced takes on everything from layered haircuts to going all in on big, bold style.

Let's talk about the haircut trends in 2023 and how to choose the best one that matches your beauty!

1: Bigger, Bolder Curls

It’s still to this day amazing how far textured hair has come in terms of being “acceptable” in a way that it was shunned just decades ago. Now that women everywhere are embracing their texture more than ever before, they will be going bigger and bolder. Twists, finger curls and beautifully big center part afros will dominate. Love those curls, and make them even longer and fuller with curly hair extensions!

2: Bobs will Go Blunt!

There is something so elegant and timeless about a blunt bob. It frames the face beautifully, drawing attention to eyes, lips and cheekbones. It’s effortlessly casual while also being strikingly classy. A clean center part and really any color imaginable and you have a sleek, clean and stunning style you’ll love all through 2023. Moreover, this look works for almost any face shape and is easy to maintain with a good haircare regimen and some frizz taming hair oil for that sleek shine.

If you want something a little carefree as summer approaches, the blunt bob transitions beautifully to a French bob, that more matte, textured, wavy layered cousin. Following a grow out period, by adding some layers and grunging it a little with a leave-in conditioner or dry shampoo, you can hit the beach or Rodeo drive with the kind of laissez-faire attitude that French hairstyles are known for.

3: The Blowouts of the 80s and 90s are BACK!

Nostalgia hairstyles ebb and flow, but thanks to TikTok and the trend cycle that sees us fondly revisiting the rose tinted eras of decades past, including the blowout! From the 80s era of teased up blowouts to the 90s supermodel era, the blowout reigned supreme. The modern take on it sees it more composed with S waves and a clean center part, with dimensional highlights add depth, drama and also framing the face. To get the look just right though, you need to bring back those big Velcro rollers and work with a round brush. Also go for a working spray vs. a crunchy stiff holding hairspray…that’s one thing from the 80s that ISN’T back on trend: helmet hair!

4: The 90s “Rachel” is now the C Cut!

Last year the iconic “Rachel” haircut of the 90s (so named for the hairstyle made popular by the sitcom Friends) came back with a vengeance. This year’s version of it will see it longer, and softer with a U shape through the layers, lengths and around the face. It is purposely a more balanced, less blunt and rounder look than last year’s revival of the trend. 

If you want something a little longer, this haircut is incredibly versatile and can be reshaped into pretty much anything. The wolf cut and the shullet can be mixed into the style for something more customized with no real rules except being happy with what you have. You can bring the length up shorter in the front, longer in the back, add more piecey layers…the choices are endless!

5: Those Bangin’ Bangs!

There is NEVER a year when bangs aren’t on trend. They can be worn so many different ways and can really frame the face, draw attention to the eyes or even help diminish a high forehead in an appealing way. Wispy bangs are on trend for 2023 with everyone from the Kardashians to JLo now sporting them, with long and wispy pieces kissing the eyelashes. And if you don't have enough hair for bangs, lucky for you clip-in bang extensions are a thing!

If you want a little bit longer a look, longer and softer bangs are a little more subtle and a look that celebrity Anne Hathaway loves. 

For a little bit of a nostalgia flair, go for a 1970s look, with long and feathery bangs flick up and outward, mimicking the angle of the eyebrow.

Alternatively if you want something a little blunter to counterbalance a more feathery, layered look, curtain bangs are an excellent choice because they pair so well with long layers. 

6: The Midi Cut

The “Midi” Cut is so named for being a mid length cut and was yet another popular hairstyle of the 1990s, first popping up in Chelsea and becoming a worldwide phenomenon. It’s a perfect hairstyle because it’s a good balance between a long hairstyle and a short hairstyle. It is amazing for bouncy movement thanks to loads of layers. This soft style frames the face, while also being beautifully dimensional and textured. It’s become a popular choice for Kim Kardashian.

7: Fashion Color Expression!

Call it bored with the same old, same old, but another key trend in 2023 is experimenting with bold color changes. This trend extends not just in fashion, but to haircolor and even hair extensions haircolor choices. Take the “Granny Gray” trend of years back for instance, going for silvery grays and ashy platinum blonde has been a color trend that’s been persistent. It’s a bit wild to think of anyone WANTING to go gray, but it’s become such a statement style for that very reason: it’s unexpected. 

The color palettes that are popular in 2023 are wide ranging, but women are going bolder in their swings into the many shades of gray, pinks and reds.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best haircut trends in 2023?

Textured bobs and lobs, curtain bangs, pixie cuts, shag haircuts, mid-length styles, and blunt cuts are some of the hairstyle trends for 2023, which give a variety of options to suit different preferences and facial shapes.

Are there any hairstyles for short hair gaining popularity?

Short hairstyles such as pixie cuts and textured bobs continue to be trendy and offer a chic and low-maintenance choice for people who want to make an impact with short hair.

Are there trends for longer hair in 2023?

Longer hairstyles are adaptable and can be tailored to individual preferences. Those with longer hair can choose from styles such as textured lobs, curtain bangs, and natural texture focus.

How often should I update my hairstyle to stay on trend?

Updating your hairstyle depends on your unique preferences and style. Some styles might need more frequent updates, while others, such as natural textures or classic cuts, may have an extended lifespan.


When choosing a haircut or hair color, you need to consider your desired style, which will not only enhance your look but also make you feel comfortable. This guide to haircut trends in 2023 will help you choose the style that suits your needs. You can ask the expert to determine the best style that matches your hair texture and face shape. In the end, it is your choice that matters most.

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