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The Most Gorgeous Spring Hair Colors to Try in 2022

It’s all About Hair Buns from Coast to Coast! Reading The Most Gorgeous Spring Hair Colors to Try in 2022 8 minutes Next Top 5 Curly Hairstyles for Summer

The thermometer is rising, the grasses are green, the sky is blue and sandy shores or lakesides await us in the months to come! There really is nothing quite like that first taste of spring and all the warm days ahead. It’s a burst of good vibes and even better energy as we spend more time outdoors and on the go wherever the road may take us. That same kind of vibe ALWAYS heralds a change-up in our hair as the traditional warmer tones of winter get a bit lighter, more airy and sun-kissed spring hair colors. Ombre and balayage are the spring hair color trends you need to try!

Get Gorgeous Color and Style Without Damaging Your Hair

But just because you want a color effect doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice your hair extensions or even chemically process your hair. We’ve got you covered when it comes to premium color effect hair in everything from our popular clip-in hair hair to tape-in hair extensions. Check them out below and scroll on down for some style and celebrity hair colors for inspo!

Amanda Seyfriend for Flawless Balayage

Last month to celebrate the new lip shade from Lancôme, Amanda Seyfriend revealed a flawless balayage blonde hair colors look for spring that brightened up her face and really made that red POP. 

Millie Bobby Brown with the Balayage of Summer

With the final season of Stranger Things gearing up to be aired, star Millie Bobby Brown has shifted her brunette of winter hair color of choice well into the balayage blonde highlights of summer! Perfect for her skin tone.

Khloe Kardashian is the Queen of Ombre color

Sometimes you want ombre but maybe aren’t going for a full-on mermaid look. The best compromise? A clipped, textured lob like this one Khloe has been partial to over the years, with a warm chocolatey brown hair base and lighter caramels and vanilla towards the ends. Also…those BOOTS! It probably helps to have a celebrity hair colorist at your disposal.

Jessica Alba's Dark Hair to Light Ends

No one loves ombre more than Jessica Alba. Her classic very dark hair base with lighter ends, paired with a simple center pair and loads of hair shine (with maybe some Perfect Locks Argan Oil) completes the look for summer! Try it with golden highlights instead!

Ashley Benson, Another Take on Ombre

Another take on a shorter ombre look is one Ashley Benson has worn for several summers. A center part lob is worn either with an ombre hair color trends with dark roots transitioning through to lighter ends. Alternatively, for her look on the Cosmopolitan Magazine last March, she traded up for a balayage look, with ribbony waves.

Lucy Hale's Combo with Bold Colors

Actress Lucy Hale of the hit shows Pretty Little Liars also loves that summertime hair color combo of light and dark hair colors for spring, sporting this balayage look that popped in her photoshoot. These face-framing highlights compliment her!

Shelby's Ombre Style with Texture

And for some texture? Up and coming to Fashion Week model Shelby shows that when you pair kinky curly beautiful hair with ombre hair colors, the result is simply magical. Those natural blondes and browns really make those curls pop!

Use Hair Extensions to Achieve Safe Spring Hair Color

Coloring your hair is a great way to change up your look, but it can also be damaging to your hair. The chemicals in hair dye can strip away the cuticle, the protective layer that surrounds each strand of hair. This can leave your hair dry and brittle, and it can also cause noticeable damage over time. One way to avoid this damage is to use clip-in hair extensions made from human hair. These extensions are cuticles intact, which means they're much healthier for your hair. And because they're not attached to your scalp, they won't cause any damage when you remove them. Clip-in extensions are a great way to experiment with color without putting your hair at risk. So if you're looking for a new look, consider using clip-ins to add a pop of color.

The Best Spring Hair Trends to Look Out For

Since the dawn of the Golden Age of Cinema, the “seat” of hair trends is Los Angeles. Home to the who’s who of Hollywood elite, celebrity hairdressers collaborate with leading fashion houses to predict and shape trends in hair style & color. Traditionally, the biggest names in Hollywood hair have all been rocking different takes of hair trends...but this year, something odd happened. All throughout L.A., salon by salon...everyone was on the same page. The dominant hair trends? The mid-length chop, bangs of all varieties, and blunt-yet-textured ends, but all custom tailored to the individual. While this summer we’ll see all many of bolder trends emerging on Instagram (Cher hair, 70s shags & all manner of fashion color), these L.A. looks will endure well into the fall.

Bobs & Bangs

The bob hairstyle is evergreen, but a modern take that has emerged incorporates a shape that is cut right to the lips. Feathery bangs frame the forehead down to the eyebrows, slightly longer at the temples, and blended in the length. This hairstyle works for any length but looks best if you like to try hairstyles that are a little daring. Hair extensions can be cut and blended to this shape, but our topper units also add the kind of density and volume at the crown to make this work.

bobs and bangs 

Blunt, Textured Ends

The lob has been a popular spring/summer hairstyle for over 20 years. The difference now is the trend towards natural texture, incorporating a strong perimeter with lots of choppy layers for dimension. This particular hairstyle is beloved by Nina Dobrev and Selena Gomez and draws attention to the face, neck and shoulders.

Mid-Length Cut

The mid-length cut can often seem boring and average, but the key to make it a little “extra” is by adding features to add a little drama and create interest. Long, choppy layers with the length down past the collarbone allow for a lot of fun movement without weight. This look is great if you like to do a little subtle change with your natural hair or your hair extensions without giving up too much of the length. For fine to medium hair extensions, stick with less layers and for thick, curly hair go for more.

mid-length hairstyles  

Soft, Beachy Waves

Classic beach hair invokes the wild and carefree days of summers. It is a style that incorporates elements of the sea itself such as gold shells, tiaras or other hair accessories. It is free flowing and elegant because it is so simple, with casual, feathery wisps or perhaps a braid or chignon. This is the hair seen during Coachella or at the beaches that line the California coast, casual, imperfect and carefree.

soft beachy waves for summer 

Whispy Romantic Hair

Hair accessories have come back in a big way the past few years, and this look leans deeply into classic Italian elements. Textured, shiny waves of hair gathered in a simple chignon is as casual as it is whimsical. Baby hairs and loose strands in the front of the hair will delicately frame the face for a dreamy appearance. This look incorporates a long ponytail gathered into a chignon and pinned in place. Our wavy or curly tape-ins, particularly in ombre work perfectly to create this look.

whispy romantic hair

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Stay chic and informed with our exclusive updates for tutorials, trends, tips, and early sales access!

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