TREND / COUNTER-TREND: Natural Waves vs. “Cher Hair”

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It’s been said that for every trend…there is a counter-trend. Some trends endure longer than most….while others are in and out at the blink of an eye. There is no greater example of this effect than the resurgence of people loving natural waves and texture again. Not since the 1970s and 80s has a little or a lot of texture have been so embraced. It was born as the counter-trend of decades of model driven stick straight hair that ruled the runways, fashion mags and television. While texture has dominated 2016, long straight hair is still fighting for hair dominance as the “Cher Hair” trend popped up this week. Whatever side of the hair war you’re on, we’ve rounded up the celebrity inspirations AND the Perfect Locks hair options to get the look!


The Look: A little wavy texture or full on kinky curls!

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Long, short, wavy or kinky to the max, natural waves are as versatile and varied as they are SO 2016. Here are 5 of the biggest looks that caught the most headlines this year to get inspired by!

Aya Jones in Vogue’s May issue. Lavish hair accessories ornament a thoughtfully composed messy natural textured ‘do. The lesson? Embrace it! Work it.

Aya jones hair

Marc Jacobs made a splash with his Resort 2017 collection at fashion week with his full on 1980’s throwback fashion. With bold floral prints, geometric shapes and custom spray painted leather jackets as en vogue for next year’s summer wear…the look was completed with crimped hair that hasn’t been on trend since 1989! As the natural hair texture trend continued…it was just a matter of time.

Julianna Hough stepped out for spring with a bold changeup to her look: grungy ombre in the form of a summery shag that she shared on Instagram when her hairdresser finished up.

Shortly thereafter Jenna Dewan Tatum jumped on board the curly-haired bandwagon. The actress, dancer and wife of Channing Tatum took to Instagram to share this snap of her new ultra-curly locks. She captioned the photo, “Anyone wanna bring back the spiral perm with me?” We say…skip the perm and cheat by ADDING the wave with extensions!

Celebrity stylist Jen Atkin shocked Instagram in September with the stunning spiral curls ‘do she created on Chrissy Teigen. Viewed over 100,000 times since then, Teigen is almost unrecognizable in these curls that Atkin created with a ¾ curling iron on Teigen. “Curls. They’re making a comeback. Mark my words,” Jen wrote, along with the disclaimer “No Chrissy Teigens were harmed in the making of this snap.”


The Look: Pin-straight shoulder length to “mermaid” length hair

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Cher never actually needs to turn back time — her trendsetting style in the ’70s and ’80s is as au courant today as it ever was. Case in point: The recent revival of the star’s signature pin-straight, waist-length, center-parted black hair, which has now made it onto the heads of some of the biggest divas in Hollywood. . Don’t have the length to get the look? No problem! Pop in Perfect Locks Extensions and you’ll be rocking like Cher in no time! Here are 4 of the biggest looks that caught the most headlines this year to get inspired by!

First up: Naomi Campbell, who tried on the look a few months back and hasn’t given it a break sense. The model even walked runways with her extra-long strands, proving they’re as good on the catwalk as the sidewalk.

Campbell, herself no stranger to setting trends, inspired Kim and Kourtney Kardashian to try the look during Paris Fashion Week. Kim snapped a video of her and her “hair inspiration” whipping their matching long hair around. Kourtney gave the look her own twist, opting to go for high ponytails most days. 

But the long, straight strand trend train doesn’t stop there. Rihanna also tried the style for her Fenty x Puma fashion show in Paris, where she accentuated her long cascade of hair with big hoops and a smoky eye. 

Nicki Minaj is jumping on the bandwagon as well, recently trading her mid-length look for Rapunzel-worthy hair

2016 isn’t quite over yet…the question is, will natural texture reign supreme? The war wages on!

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