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How to Buy High Quality Hair Weaves on a Budget

High-quality hair weaves on a budget? No, we have not lost our minds. While it’s true that you get what you pay for, and you will spend more money on luxury hair than some hair weaves from the dollar store, you don’t have to break the bank.

The secret is knowledge. By understanding beauty stores, online vendors, the different types of hair weaves, and what hair weave is, you'll know what to look for. More importantly, you'll be able to spot a killer deal on great hair when you see one. Here are some things you need to know to buying high quality hair weaves on a budget.

Hair weaves, hair closures, buy hair weaves on a budget

Shop Around To Find Average Prices and Deals

The secret to finding any deals is to always shop around. However, you never want to purchase hair closures solely based on the savings you’ll get either. By shop around, we mean discover what kind of options are out there, analyze different companies’ prices, and learn the price range that seems reasonable for your hair weaves.

For example, if 5 stores never discount a hair weave beyond $100, just because a luxurious beauty shop does doesn’t mean it’s a good deal. The product is likely not meeting expectations in one way or another if it’s on for a drastic deal.

Finding quality hair weaves on a budget is like math class; take all the prices into factor and find the averages. Then, when quality hair weaves and closures do go on sale, you’ll be able to spot the ones that are worth it.    

Know the Store You're Buying From

Shopping for hair weaves online is a great way to buying on a budget. The key is to know the store you’re purchasing from. Do some research to discover what they’re all about. Read the about pages, check out their social media profiles, and see if they provide customer service whether by phone or email. See how long they've been in business and look at their customer reviews. 

Look for a robust return policy. Having a flexible return policy shows the retailer is confident in their products. For example, our return policy at Perfect Locks allows you to wash and condition the hair while in the zip ties. You can even flat iron or curl it. If for some reason you're not satisfied, we allow you to return the hair for full refund (minus shipping) as long as the hair hasn't been altered or tampered with. Now that's a solid return policy!

Generally, if a store has high quality content and service, you can trust the products they sell.  

Hair weaves, hair closures, buy hair weaves on a budget

Understand the Different Types of Hair Closures

The best way to buy hair weaves on a budget is to know the different options and add-ons available to you. If you expect the same price for closure pieces as you do weaves, you’re in for an unpleasant surprise. Different hair closures have different benefits; silk base closures are crafted more meticulously with higher quality materials, and that will result in a higher price. Swiss lace closures are more popular because they hit the sweet spot of comfort and quality.

So, understanding the elements of different types of hair closures will help you find the best deals so you can purchase quality hair weaves on a budget. 

Explore Different Types of Hair Weaves

With the prior mentioned, you should also try out different types of hair weaves. You never know – you may fall in love with an affordable alternative to what you’re used to. So, widen your horizon when sticking within your budget. 

The worst thing you can do when buying quality hair weaves on a budget is buying something strictly because of the price. If it seems to good to be true, it probably is. If you want quality, you will have to pay more but that doesn’t mean you have to fork over your latest paychecks either. You just have to be smart about your shopping.

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