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How to Blend Hair Extensions with Short Hair

Extensions are made to add thickness, volume, sometimes highlights, but almost always...length. But what if your hair is shorter than the average?

You’d end up looking like one of those middle school girls who bought their first pair of hair extensions from a kiosk at the mall and clipped them on without looking in the mirror. Too specific, huh? I blew my cover. That was me—I was that middle schooler. But years of practice later, I’ve come up with a guide to becoming a blending Queen.

beautiful silky straight hair extensions

There are 4 Golden Rules to blending your extensions with short hair. The first and most important being…

#1 - Make sure your extensions are thick enough or purchase a second set

This goes for all hair types—thin or thick. When your hair is short, you need coverage. The more hair you have for blending, the better you’ll be able to cover your short hair. If you’re getting two sets of clip-in hair extensions, buy the second set at a shorter length for better layering (we’ll get into layering soon). If your hair lies at, let’s say, the middle of your neck, get one set of 14” extensions and one set of 18” or 20”. It will depend on what length you’re aiming for, but either way, the more extensions you have to work with, the better.

remy clip-in hair extensions

Now don’t underestimate this next key rule. If you don’t follow this, you’ll never achieve a natural blend.

#2 - Style Your Hair With Your Extensions

Have you ever curled your hair, curled your extensions, then clipped them in? Sometimes we do this when our extensions are already styled and we don’t feel a need to restyle them again. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but if you don’t want to end up with choppy hair and noticeable extensions, you must style your hair and the extensions together. The best way to do so is by sectioning your hair from the bottom then working your way up. Every time you section off hair, clip in a row of extensions, then straighten or curl with the mix of both your hair and the extensions.

blending hair extensions

#3 - Learn How to Layer Your Hair Extensions

This can be done a few different ways. Start by making sure you are evenly distributing the clip-ins. Too often we’ve seen the mistake of extensions surrounding just the back of the hair or too low on the bottom and not enough around the sides or higher up towards the crown. Make sure you tease near the parting of your hair and add clip-ins toward that top. It will hide the straight cut of your natural hair. You can also go to a stylist to get your hair extensions layered for a more natural look. If your extensions scream when you bring scissors near them, the best option is to buy a second pair at a shorter length like stated in Rule #1. Now mix up the extensions throughout your hair and it will naturally blend to give the illusion of layered, real hair.

before and after hair extensions

#4 - Add a Serum or Argan Oil to Smooth Out Your Hair

    The reason for this is because if you have short hair, your ends may tend to stick out. Even more so if you have split ends. Adding a hair serum will seamlessly blend those stubborn strands into the long locks. Stay away from adding product too close to your roots, as this may cause your hair to look greasy. Start from the midshaft and brush your fingers down to your roots.

    So we’ve covered the amount of extensions you need, the importance of styling together, layering, and the finishing touch of a gloss. If you follow these 4 Golden Rules, you are sure to have a natural blend. No lighting or movement will give out the secret that you’re wearing extensions.

    I took the heat for the rest of us. Now you’re ready to skip the awkward middle school phase and jump straight to your Masters.

    Do you have any rules that you swear by? Share them in the comments below to help your fellow Lockettes.

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