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Holiday Hair How-to: The Illuminated Braided Bun

Find inspiration for holiday gatherings with our holiday hair-how to series! 

Holiday parties and New Year’s Eve celebrations date back millennia, and we’re betting even then a “modern gal” struggled to find just the right hairstyle to set the tone for the evening. 

But while #christmastreehair may be trending on Instagram, our desire to recreate a Christmas Tree in our hair is a holiday style now 70 years old…and is arguably tired out. For instance, there are these historical treasures, some undoubtedbly using human hair extensions

christmas tree hair

Instead of some of these more laughable examples of celebrating the season with our hair, go for an elegant and refined approach…that is just as festive.

Instead? Create the Illuminated Braided Bun!


illuminated bun tutorial

  1. After an installation of Perfect Locks extensions (bonded, weaves or tape-ins), section the hair vertically into 3 separate sections.
  2. In the middle section, create 3 braids going down the back of the head — one at the crown, one in the middle and one at the nape of the neck. As you braid, do not separate the ends. Instead, allow them to knot for a more textured look. Spray your braids with texturizer for hold and added texture.
  3. Take a small piece of hair at the end of each braid and push the braid upward to loosen and add texture to the braid.
  4. Use the braid closest to the nape of the neck as the anchor for the battery pack. Place the battery against the nape while leaving the lights off to the side. Pin your braid around the battery with bobby pins to hide the pack and secure onto the head.
  5. Take the other two braids and pin randomly around the battery pack and back of the head to create a messy looking and textured chignon.
  6. Twist each side section over the top of the chignon and secure on either side with bobby pins. Spritz with a shimmer spray to add shine and an anti-humidity hairspray for a strong hold.
  7. Take the holiday lights and gently secure into chignon with bobby pins in a random fashion for a festive and effortless look. And just like that, you've got the most unique look at the party! 
hair extensions quizhair extensions quiz