An Inside Look at the Golden State Warriors Dance Team

An Inside Look at the Golden State Warriors Dance Team

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It’s the second week of Women’s History Month and we thought we’d celebrate the incredible super women on the Golden State Warriors Dance Team! Perfect Locks has been a proud hair sponsor of the GSW Dance Team for the last three years; providing the dancers with virgin hair weaves, silk base closures, fusion hair, and tape in hair extensions!

warriors dance team girls

We know how amazing these women are on and off the court but we wanted to share their inspiring stories with you as well! Much like the Warriors, the ladies on the GSW Dance Team are some of the hardest working people out there. These women put their all into every aspect of their lives whether it’s their dance routines, their school work, volunteer work or their jobs. They take the discipline, confidence and teamwork they’ve learned from dancing, and apply it to their everyday lives, which allows them to conquer their goals.

warriors dance team hairstyles

The GSW Dance Team understands that setting yourself up for success brings you that much closer to achieving your goals. These women are able to take on so much and be successful because of their confidence. Their Perfect Locks Tape In Extensions and other Perfect Locks products, allows them to reach their highest level of confidence, which inspires them to work that much harder. There is nothing you can’t achieve with confidence!

Perfect Locks has been providing women with the confidence they need to succeed for the past 10 years! Women of all walks of life, at every stage of their hair journey, have come to Perfect Locks in search of great, quality hair that allows them to complete their looks and give them the confidence to take on anything life may throw at them. It has been a pleasure serving these amazing women, and we look forward to many more years of meeting inspiring women and helping them on their journey to achieving Perfect Locks!

All photos are from the GSW Dance Team Instagram page. Be sure to follow them at @gswdanceteam!

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