How To Customize Your Frontal Or Closure

Wigs and weaves are great protective styles to help grow your hair and give it a break from harsh weather conditions, heat styling and excessive use of products resulting in build up. Thanks to the creation of closures and frontals, you can now achieve a natural look without leaving any of your own hair out! Our lace frontals and natural hair closures  are created to look as natural as possible, however, they can be customized further to make it look like your own hairline. Here are a few tips and tricks to make the most out of your frontals and closures.

Wet & Blow Dry Hair

Get your hair piece to lay as flat as possible by creating the part where you’d like, wetting the area and blow drying it with a brush. This will ensure that your hair piece will stay flat as well as keep the part in place. For additional hold, add leave in conditioner or hair mousse to tame any flyaways.

how to blowdry a frontal

Pluck & Add Concealer/Eyeshadow To Part

Some women enjoy a slightly thicker part than what can naturally be achieved on the hairpiece. If you would like a thicker part, have a stylist pluck some of the hair out of your unit. Your part should be no larger than a centimeter wide. Some women prefer to attempt plucking at home, however, we do not recommend this, as over-plucking can occur and it is irreversible. Another simple trick is adding concealer to your part to hide the lace. A powder concealer or eyeshadow is recommended over liquid concealer as the liquid may stain the lace. Check out this great tutorial from HowToBlackHair:

Create/Lay Down Baby Hairs

To make your hairline more believable, you can have a stylist create some imitation baby hairs that they can style how you’d like. Baby hairs help to define the hairline and give the illusion that the hair is growing from your scalp.

lace frontal with baby hair

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