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The 2021 Hair Trends That Are Already Trending

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2020 is ending and I think we can easily say we are all glad to leave it well behind us. Oddly enough though, it was the lockdown and shutdown of salons throughout the United States that shook up hair trends and brought some classic looks back, as well as ended some previous ones.

Celebrities and the average gal alike began rocking their natural texture, trying extensions or wigs at home for fun, or even just growing out their roots and bangs for a different look. We rounded up the trending hairstyles for any texture or length to dream about for the new year (that all require some hair to hair with courtesy of hair extensions or a unit).

1: Sunkissed Chocolatey Brunette Waves

Rich, warm colors are no longer seasonal and something you can rock well into summer. But classic full, flowing mermaid hair is a look that will endure women coast to coast are back to indulging themselves again.

2: Texture and a Shag!

With the return of natural hair waves and textures it was only a matter of time before the most iconic and enduring hairstyle of the 70’s returned with a vengeance: the NEW shag. Celebrities who have have rocked it range from Taylor Swift to Freja Beha. But for our curly hair textures or even if you have naturally curly hair this cut is all about shaping and rocking that texture!

3: The Classic Bob

There is one hair trend that has been going strong for a century now and it’s the bob. Fun and playful, this modern take isn’t about stick straight hair anymore…it’s all about that natural texture, curls and waves!

4: Curtain Bangs

During the COVID-19 lockdown, one of the first hair trends to emerge on social media was the mainstream return of eyebrow and cheek grazing curtain bangs. Not only are they fun and cute, but they also grow out more gracefully than blunt cut bangs particularly with longer spans of time between hair appointments. Pair with a messy bun, a sleek ponytail or any style at all and you have something is stunning and low maintenance.

5: “Air Dry” Haircuts

Starting back in 2017, more awareness about the damage overuse of styling tools had hit the mainstream and coupled with an increasingly busy work/social life, L.A. stylists were getting more requests from clients on styles that could be air dried so they could head out the door. This cut uses layers that are invisible and varied in length so you can let your natural texture dry naturally. This year has pushed for more low maintenance, less fuss styles are definitely in.

6: 60’s Mod Flips

The 1960’s was an iconic era for soft, feathery and voluminous styles. It was the era of Mad Men on Madison Avenue that were shaping hair and fashion through new beauty products hitting the market that pushed out more hyper feminine, but structured styles. This look requires the right tools, from a blow dryer to a flat iron, the look will be a modern retro twist with lots of bouncy volume.

7: Extensions!

After many women at home chopped their locks during the summer to allow for a better grow-out period in between salon visits, the counter trend is born. Now desiring a return to mermaid length and leaving behind those short lobs and pixie cuts, extensions offer a way to skip the extended grow out period. Case in point is Kaia Gerber, model for Saint Laurent who went full on Kardashian mermaid for their 2021 runway from a bob she had that same day. And as far as options go, Perfect Locks has you fully covered there! Our clip-in hair extensions give you length for a day or get for tape-in hair extensions for 4 to 6 weeks of wear 

8: Chunky Highlights and Money Pieces

Once a staple hair trend of the early 2000s, chunky highlights and face framing “money pieces” saw a comeback in 2020 that will continue into summer 2021. They are simply lighter shades in the form of extensions of colored highlights that add lightness and brightness to the face. This look in particular pops on dark brunette shades with some golden pieces that will add brightness and warmth to the cheeks and face.

9: Playful Ponytails

A staple trend of Coachella that is as perpetual as spring are playful ponytails for festival season and beyond. It’s also a look that is simple and effortless, requiring little more than elastics for some high ponies. Don’t have the length? We’ve got you covered with our clip-in ponytails

10: 1970s Long Cut

An icon of the 70s, Cher defined a decade with her feathery, long, bouncy layers. Personified by long panels of hair with just a little bend and soft ends, her classic look has been a favorite of Kim Kardashian ever since. What makes it more modern is that extra bit of shine and played up texture that works for almost anyone!  

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