steam permed weaves

Steam Permed Weaves

Enjoy pure Remy hair weaves with brilliant texture and style. Our chemical-free steam permed weaves give you long-lasting hair that's easy-to-wear and perfectly manageable. Beautifully textured and tangle-free, these enhanced tresses are created without harmful chemicals or additives.

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All About Our Totally Organic Steam Permed Hair Weaves

While low cost and questionable so-called “Brazilian” steam permed weaves are really Asian hair in disguise, Perfect Locks sources our 100% Indian human Remy hair direct from temples in India. We then use our signature Perfect Locks PermaSteam™ Process that uses pure steam on variable metal rods to create lasting curl patterns without using caustic and damaging chemicals. Finally, you can keep the curl you love while wearing a weave…or attain the texture you’ve been dreaming of! Available in 4 textures and 4 lengths.

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