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Silk Base Closures

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The silk base closure is what we call the "Cadillac of closures". The beautifully hand-crafted silk base offers the ultimate in realism and comfort. It's soft, comfortable, and durable. These toppers look exactly like a natural scalp. Best of all, it matches our hair weaves perfectly.

Perfect Locks Silk Base Closures Offer the Ultimate in Realism, Comfort, and Durability.

Closures are the perfect solution if you are experiencing hair loss or looking to complete a full sew-in weave installation. They give your crown coverage by providing a realistic hairline, baby hair, and a natural part for styling flexibility. Silk closures are usually sewn-in or attached to the scalp with hair extension tape.

Perfect Locks Silk base closures have an ultra high-quality SilkLuxe™ base which measures 4" x 4". Each strand of Remy Indian hair is hand-knotted onto the plush satin-silk base. The base simulates the natural texture of a real scalp, giving you a well-rounded solution for realism, comfort, and longevity. They can last from 4 to 6 months.

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