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Tips For Traveling With Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are considered to be one of the best accessories when traveling. You can travel with confidence because of the added length, thickness, and volume it provides. Additionally, you'll be able to show off the incredible photos of you with your stunningly long and gorgeous hair to your friends and family. They will definitely help make sure that you look your finest in all of the pictures.

However, traveling can be quite damaging to your hair extensions if not properly cared for, whether it's a long vacation or just a weekend getaway. For this reason, it is important to have a good hair extension care routine and prepare the right hair care products to bring with you. You don't need to bring your whole bathroom with you when you travel in order to look your best. Traveling with your hair extension is quite simpler than you have imagined, so don't you worry.

Here are some of the great tips for traveling with your hair extensions:

Try Not To Wear Your Extensions While Traveling

Flights can be extremely drying for the skin, but so for the hair. If not properly taken care of during the flight, it could lead to the damage of the extensions too.

There are two reasons why you might not want to wear your hair extensions when traveling:

During your time at the airport, you're going to have to go through a metal detector. If you're wearing extensions, you might get pulled off by the security because of the metal in your clip-ins. They are going to have to inspect you manually, and you're going to have to explain yourself that you're currently wearing extensions that have metal clips in them, which will probably cost you a little bit more time in the line. 

The other reason would be that it could also damage your hair extensions during the flight. When you sit on an airplane, you'll probably want to lay your head on the headrest to relax a bit. Your hair extensions can be easily tangled and frizzled because of the friction between your hair and the headrest, which can further lead to the damage of the extensions.

To avoid any of the hassle, it is recommended to remove and store your extensions when flying.

If you want to still wear your extensions during a flight:

  • Braid your hair before the flight. You'll probably spend a lot of time in the air napping or sitting down. By the time you arrive at your destination, your extensions will still be neat and tangle-free.
  • Bring your silk pillowcase with you. The power of a silk pillowcase protects your hair from any friction. It may seem a little excessive, but it's better to be safe than sorry. Just put the silk pillowcase on top of the provided pillow, then you have nothing to worry about anymore.
  • After you get to your hotel, take some time to care for your hair extensions. All that time in the air causes your hair to dry. Bring back all that moisture with a leave-in conditioning treatment, and your hair will appear healthy and ready for your next adventure.

Storage Bag For Hair Extensions

As mentioned earlier, wearing your hair extensions while traveling can cause matting and tangling, which could potentially damage them. Rather than wear them while you're traveling, it is better to store them to keep them completely safe. Other people keep their extensions in boxes or roll them in between clothing, but that isn't the best way to store them.

Using PerfectLocks' hair extension storage pouch is the best way to ensure that your extensions still look as good as new when you arrive at your destination. The satin-silk lining pouch is very easy to bring and keeps your hair extensions vibrant and tangle-free while you're traveling. Having a proper place to store your hair extensions is very important, whether you wear them while traveling or not in use.

But before placing them in the pouch, make sure that your hair extensions are completely dry. It is also best to brush them to remove any tangles before storing them. Not only will this keep your extensions nice and safe, but it will also extend its lifespan.

Hair Extension Brush

The secret to maintaining the health of your hair extensions while you're traveling is to always bring a hair extension brush with you.

If you're in a car or on a plane, placing your head against the headrest can frizz and tangle your hair, especially if you're just trying to catch some sleep. If you find the time, spend a few minutes combing through your hair during stopovers or layovers to keep your hair smooth and tangle-free.

With a hair extension brush, the chance of long-term hair extension damage can be reduced if you keep your extensions tangle-free during the trip. There's no better brush for your extensions than the PerfectLocks' hair extension loop brush. The loops on this brush allow you to smoothly comb your hair extensions without pull or snag, which makes it very ideal for hair extensions.

You may extend the life of your hair extensions by using this brush regularly. It is the ideal accessory for care and maintenance of any type of hair extensions because it won't break or harm your hair extensions. Keep your extensions from damage when traveling through cars, trains, and airplanes.

Silk Pillowcase

Sleeping in your hair extensions is a bad idea. It is strongly advised not to sleep in them. It is better to store them at a safe place before going to bed. If it is not avoidable, it is advisable to bring your silk pillowcase with you when traveling to further protect your hair from damage.

The PerfectLock's Satin-Silk Pillowcase offers a slip surface, reducing friction and pulling on your hair and skin. This is an ideal way to avoid any potential damage to your extensions while you sleep. Your hair extension will last longer with the use of silk pillowcases as it prevents dryness, thinning, breakage and split ends of the hair. It also helps you to stay cool and comfortable with its extremely soft material.

With the pillow you bring or the pillow provided to you in a plane or a hotel, you can easily put the silk pillowcase on top of it to keep your hair nice and smooth.

Important Hair Care Products

There are a variety of hair products that you should bring during your travels. These are essential in maintaining your hair extensions’ health:

Clarifying Shampoo

A clarifying shampoo should be at the top of your list of essential travel items if you're going somewhere hot and humid. High temperatures make it easy for sweat and debris to collect at the roots of your extensions, which eventually causes matting and tangles that could lead to further damage. Bring a travel-sized bottle of clarifying shampoo and wash your hair extensions as necessary when traveling to avoid this from happening. Don't expect that there will be a supermarket nearby where you will find your hair products.

Dry Shampoo

Make sure to pack some dry shampoo in your travel bag in case you don't have time to wash your hair while you're traveling. When you've had a long day of traveling, your natural hair may appear oily and dirty. The simplest approach to maintain your hair extensions appearing clean and new without washing them is with dry shampoo. To freshen up, simply spray the dry shampoo on your roots and comb through.

Leave-In Conditioner

Before you even begin traveling, make sure to condition your hair with a leave-in conditioner. This will help maintain your extensions to be lightweight, hydrated, and untangled. This will also result in your extensions being glossy and smooth. Vitamins and antioxidants found in leave-in conditioners aid to strengthen dry and fragile hair. Just simply comb through your hair after lightly and evenly spraying the leave-in conditioner.

Nourishing Hair Oil

When you're constantly on the go on your trip, it's very easy for your hair extensions to dry out and lose their moisture because you're always exposed to different elements. Your hair will dry out due to harsh winds, salty water, and chlorine water, so it's best to have oils that will keep your extensions smooth and soft.

Hair extensions don't produce their own oil like our natural hair does, therefore hair oils can help you keep some of that hydration and minimize brittleness. It is advisable to keep a small bottle of natural oil, such as argan oil, for your hair extensions. While your extensions are still wet, apply a few drops of oil to penetrate the cuticles and maintain its moisture during your travels.

Avoid Swimming in Salted and Chlorinated Water

It is not advised to swim with hair extensions because it damages all kinds of hair. Your hair extensions may become dry, knotted, and change color if exposed to seawater and chlorine because of the salt and chemicals in the water.

Before you dive into the water, make sure to wet your hair with clean water to reduce the absorption of salted or chlorinated water.  If you really want to go for a swim, it is advisable to wear a swim cap. If you don't wear one, simply remember to use a leave-in conditioner and wash your hair as soon as you get out of the water to remove any salt or chlorine with shampoo. After a swim, a deep conditioning will also help replenish the moisture of your extensions.

Try your best to stay out of the water as much as you can.

Putting Your Hair Up

The fact that hair extensions may provide you so much more styling flexibility is one of their best qualities. Your hair should be the very last thing on your mind when you're traveling and spending a lot of time walking.

You'll be able to quickly put your hair back up into a ponytail or a high bun with the additional length and volume your extensions provide. It will also keep your hair look clean and neat when exploring around. But keep in mind that you should avoid messy buns as they can cause tangling and damage to your hair.

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