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Embrace Your Natural Texture while Transitioning Your Hair

transitioning from relaxed to natural hair styles

Transitioning is a big step in a woman’s hair journey. It means giving your hair a break from all of the chemicals and relaxers and embrace your natural texture. Many women also tend to stay away from heat as it can damage the curl pattern. This process is all about restoring your hair’s natural texture by cutting off any dead ends and replenishing the hair’s moisture and nutrients to achieve healthy hair. So be sure to stock up on deep conditioners, hair masks and hydrating products!

Create a Game Plan and Stick with It.

Although transitioning is a beautiful process, it can also be filled with quite a few “awkward stages” that can make it hard to stick with. There’s a lot to consider when transitioning, such as if you’ll be cutting your hair and how you will style it during each phase. If you reach a phase that makes you uncomfortable with your hair, there is a solution! It’s important to practice patience when transitioning, but for those who need a little extra boost, natural hair extensions are here to help. Put the relaxer down, skip your awkward stage, and go straight to a naturally flawless look with extensions that match your texture.

Natural Steam Permed Textures 

In order to help women embrace their natural texture, we created three extra textures using our  PermaSteam™ technology to perfectly mimic natural hair. Our steam permed textures can be found in relaxed straight, for those who need a coarser texture, rather than silky straight; tight curly, which will perfectly match those curls that have a slightly tighter curl pattern than our regular curly texture; and kinky curly, which effortlessly mimics type 4 kinky hair. These textures can be found in our steam permed weaves, clip-ins and tape-ins.

Perfect Locks Human Hair Extensions

Choosing the RIght Hair Extensions

The type of extensions you may be interested in will depend on where you are on your natural hair journey and how far you’ve transitioned. If you’re considering taking the plunge and doing the “big chop” but aren’t completely ready to let go of your hair, a weave is the best option! You can still embrace your texture, while protecting your hair and letting it grow by getting a weave with one of our steam permed textures. Enjoy natural, curly hair while protecting your own! A weave is also great for those of you who have growth but still have visible damage or breakage. Protective styles such as these are great for transitioning hair!

If you have a moderate hair length with little to no damage but you’d like additional length or volume, try our clip-ins or tape-ins! Our steam permed tape-ins work best for thinner hair as they are lightweight and allow for customizable volume depending on how many packs you choose to install. Tape-ins do not damage the hair and typically last between 4-6 weeks. Clip-ins are a great alternative for those who have grown their hair out but are looking to have their ideal length. Clip-ins can completely transform your look in a matter of minutes! Unlike tape-ins, the wefts are thicker, allowing for more hair to be attached to the weft; this is why the clip-in set comes with 7 easy-to-place pieces.

Regardless of the installation method you choose, be sure to take care of your hair during and in between installs. Keeping it healthy is vital during the transitioning process, as this will give you the best results possible. Thinking about transitioning? Which product will you use to help you embrace your natural texture?

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