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The Top 9 Bridal Hair Accessories Trends for 2022

Bridal Hair Accessories

It seems crazy now to think that just 3 or 4 years ago hair accessories weren’t trendy, with “hair bling” being left behind in Y2K. But then, something changed and we’re quite happy it did. Maybe it’s just the fashion cycle, bringing hair accessories back along with our nostalgic desire for the 90s and 2000’s reigning supreme in hair and fashion right now. Maybe you've already settled on the perfect wedding hair extensions for your big day... Or perhaps we realized that whenever the occasion calls for it, sometimes you just want to add some bling to your hair. You wanted it, we listened and now have a complete collection of elegant wedding hair accessories as well as some hair looks to inspire you! Whether you’re a bride to be or just want some glam “up there, we’ve got you!

Regal Regency-Era Headbands and Tiaras

Bridgerton Wedding Hairstyles

In part due to the success of Netflix’s hit Bridgerton and The Crown series, classic glamorous headbands of intricate florals and pearls abound in 2022. Paired with a sleek hairstyle such as a chignon, updo or even a mermaid length braid, this look is truly timeless.

1. Spring Dream Tiara Headband

In burnished gold florals with pearls and diamonds.

2. Artemis Tiara Headband

In shimmering silver with delicate stems, florals, pears and diamond.

3. Flora Tiara Comb

In a halo style comb tiara that features delicate blooms of crystals and pearls. 

4. Winterly Comb

In shimmering twists of silver with large floral peal blooms and gems that looks kissed by ice. 

5. Dazzling Vine Tiara Comb

In Grecian inspired gold vinery adorned with sparkling crystals.

6. Elegant and Simple Hair Combs and Pins

Unlike headbands or tiaras, combs allow you to add a focus feature that dazzles and can be worn on either side or the back of the head. Combs are particularly popular when creating bohemian inspired looks that are more simple, less structured with a touch of class but not overly fussy. Combs catch the lights in a dazzling way and can secure a braid, chignon or even crown the top of a veil.

7. Rhiannon Bejewled Comb

In twisted pewter florals with shining white opals and rhinestones.

8. Willow Comb

In a dazzling floral silver vine with stylish pearls and rhinestones.

9. Pearl Elegance Hair Pin

In silver white with shimmering leaves and pearl flowers with rhinestone accents.

Pearl Elegance Hair Pin

    Best Wedding Hair Clips:

    • Vintage hair clips
    • Floral hair clips
    • Pearl clips
    • Feather clips
    • Butterfly clips

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are the top wedding hair accessories?

    Current popular wedding hair accessory include statement headbands, elegant floral pins, vintage-inspired combs, pearl-adorned pieces, crystal-embellished accessories, celestial-themed designs, bohemian-inspired vines, minimalist barrettes, and veils.

    How do I choose the right bridal hair accessory for my wedding?

    When selecting a bridal hair product, consider your wedding theme, dress style, and personal preferences. Choose something that matches your entire appearance and highlights your haircut without overshadowing it.

    Can I wear more than one accessory on my wedding day?

    Wearing different hair accessories is a fashionable trend, but it's important to only combine them with smaller, complementary accessories for a stunning and seamless look.

    When should I purchase my bridal hair accessories?

    It's advisable to purchase your bridal hair accessories after finalizing your wedding dress to make sure that the accessory complements the dress style and overall look.


    These wedding hair accessories brings different options to express your unique style on your special day. With the right combination, you can confidently walk down the aisle.

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