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The Essential Hair Extension Buyer's Guide

Tue, Sep 27, 16

clip-in extensions

The Essential Hair Extensions Buyer’s Guide

These days…if you follow the hair stylings of celebrities of Selena Gomez or Beyoncé, the rule of the road when it comes to their hair is: “blink and you’ll miss it”. One minute they're sporting shoulder-length bobs and long, mermaid-like beachy waves the next. Their secret? Hair extensions. Only a decade ago, 87% of women chose to keep their hair extensions a secret from their friends and family. In 2016, extensions are out of the closet…and into the mainstream, giving you the flexibility to change your hairstyle as frequently as you do your wardrobe.

If you are getting ready to take the plunge with hair extensions…here are 5 essential rules to follow to get the most of your hair extension buying experience and begin a lifelong LOVE of add-on hair!

Rule #1: Before you buy…STOP and consider your lifestyle

active lifestyle

When you first visit PerfectLocks.com, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by the sheer amount of options…fear not!

Our most popular, entry-level hair extension is easiest: clip-ins. User-friendly and the ultimate in versatility…you simply clip & go. Ideal if you want value, flexibility in terms of wearability and if you’re not ready for a full commitment to something more permanent that requires greater care.

Tape-ins are the next most popular options, as they are held in place with a strong, invisible premium quality tape that is hidden. They will last from 6 to 8 weeks with proper care and are a great option if you want a look that will last, but not a look that you can’t swap out seasonally. Best of all, they are super budget friendly! They are not ideal if do a lot of physical activities such as yoga, swimming, etc., as excessive and ongoing perspiration or immersion in water can weaken the tape over tape and limit wearability.

Rule #2: Research before you buy! There is a BIG black market for hair extensions…

As important as it is to research the right extensionist if you’re going to go for tape-ins, fusion hair or a weave…it’s equally important to research the company behind the hair. Perfect Locks ONLY sources premium quality 100% human hair ethically from India. Often times hair peddled online is actually real hair mixed in with synthetic or even animal hair. We understand the importance of ethically sourced hair extensions, you should too!

ethically sourced hair extensions

Rule #3: If you DON’T want it to be obvious that you’re sporting fake hair… Splurge.

While synthetic extensions are the most affordable, they tangle easily and have a super high shine, which makes them look obviously unnatural. If you find affordable non-virgin hair, know that it’s been processed—either dyed or treated to change its texture— so it’s actually damaged hair treated with temporary conditioners that wear off quickly. Remy extensions are the highest quality as they are the closest to your real hair, so they’ll hold styles and texture the same way and won’t shed as much as the cheaper options.

authentic human hair extensions

Rule #4: Ask yourself…are you ready for the maintenance work?

Just like your natural hair, hair extensions need to be washed and conditioned regularly to keep them from tangling and looking worn in. Fusion and even tape-in extensions are the most durable, but they require brushing, sulfate free shampoo & conditioner and proper care to stay flawless. While clip-ins require the least amount of maintenance, they still require a little love. After each 6th to 8th time wearing them, they should gently washed, combed and conditioned and allowed to air dry on a towel to keep them looking their best.

Rule #5: DON’T stretch your budget and not professionally care for them.

The time frame recommended by your extensionist is golden. Never take extensions meant to be removed every 6 weeks and wear them for 3 months. Doing so not only permanently damages your extension, but also can severely damage your natural hair and/or scalp. Even though clip-ins are the most temporary, even they must be taken out carefully every night to avoid breakage and protect the extensions.

So remember, think about the extension that works best for YOU. If you need help in making the right choice, simply pick up the phone…our extension experts are at your disposal.


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