Machine vs Hand-Tied Wefts... Which Is Right For You?

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It seems these days that are more and more types of extensions  and add-on hair types, from clip-ins to beads, etc., but one of the oldest and most enduring are sew-in hair extensions. Sew-ins have been around since ancient times and in name refers to the application method of sewing one to four wefts into your natural hair on a row. Depending on the texture of your hair, this row is created either with a braid or beads, and is a really effortless and durable base to build your dream hair on. 

With the sew-in method there are two types of wefts available: machine wefts or hand-tied wefts... and one of the most common questions we get in store or via our shopping assistant chat is: which is right for me? The answer depends on your hair type, lifestyle and even desired result, but let’s break them down:


machine weft hair extensions

The Magic of Machine Wefts

  • So named because the hair is sewn on a single track up to 5 feet long by an industrial sewing machine
  • Machine sewing the hair into the weft means a thicker, more durable base that results in almost zero shedding
  • Because of the durability it means it be custom cut and trimmed to suit your head and even desired style
  • Their durability also is more forgiving if you want to custom color or chemically process the hair for a more unique style
  • They are flexible, but because volume and density is prioritized, not as flexible as hand-tied
  • Machine wefts are best for you if you have medium to thick hair

Machine Wefts

hand-tied weft hair extensions

All About Hand Tied Wefts

  • The name does not refer to the method of installing it to you, but instead the hair is tied by a person unto 5 pre-cut tracks
  • Because of this custom process, it results in a less bulky, thinner and more discrete weft that sits snug against the scalp
  • They cannot be cut however without compromising the weft, so they can’t be customized like machine wefts
  • They have the most flexibility and move effortlessly, but are not as dense and voluminous as machine wefts
  • Hand tied wefts are best for you if have thin or fine hair or you want to install extensions closer to the crown (top) of your head

Hand-Tied Wefts


So Which Weft is Right for Me?

Your hairdresser will work with you to determine your hair type with machine wefts for medium to thick hair or hand tied for thin or fine hair, BUT there are exceptions.

Sometimes if you’re going for a real Hollywood look where you need to build volume BUT you also want the hair to move with more flexibility so you can really swish it around, a combo is ideal. In this case your stylist will use machine wefts around your head with a top layer of hand tied wefts for the crown, back and sides that will be lighter and hide the machine wefts.

How Long Will They Last? 

Whether your pick Machine or Hand-Tied, with proper care and maintenance the wefts themselves can last 1 to 2 years, with some of our customers using the same hair for upwards of 4 to 5 years. Regular maintenance will need to be performed on the installation every 3 to 4 months, and it's also beneficial to take a break from wefts every other installation if possible. The key here is to make sure you are using appropriate care products and not damaging them in a way that will cut into their wear life. This is the key to maintaining all quality human hair extensions.

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