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Hair Color Trends You'll Want To Try In Fall 2022

With fall well and truly here, Halloween just around the corner and the winter season creeping down from the North…hair color trends are on the move! If you’re wondering what shade of hair extensions to go for, fear not, because we’ve rounded up the hottest hair color trends for fall. 

“Expensive” Hair Color Shades

A color trend the past few years is dubbed “expensive” hair color because of its rich, dimensional sumptuousness as well as high, reflective shine. This trend first appeared one year ago in autumn 2021 as the “Expensive Brunette” trend. Jessica Alba was one of the first to rock that color and it blew up.

This year Shay Mitchell, Billie Eilish and even Jessica Alba went for this dimensional warm brunette look. 

And the variations of brunette can go from subtle to extreme, such as this caramel highlights look.

But “Expensive” Hair color isn’t limited to just brunettes. In 2022 the look has migrated to other shades, with layers and layers of dimensional highlights appearing in platinum or ashy blondes. This past summer alone Nicole Kidman, Margot Robbie and Chrishell Stause sported this trend. The darker tones mixed in with the lighter highlights allow you transition the bleach blonde summer hair into something warmer for winter.

And lastly, when you take those two trends and smash them together…you get: “Expensive Bronde”! Celebrity hairdresser Chris Appleton created this look on longtime client J.Lo this summer and it was simply dreamy.

Early trendsetters such as Khloe Kardashian were all over this look this month, rocking that “Expensive Bronde” on Insta!

Earthy Neutral Tones

When #MushroomHair first started trending, it had people raising eyebrows, but what has made this color trend a staple the past few years is its subtle beauty. Unlike the boldness of its “expensive” cousin, Mushroom color tones are more ashy brown with a little bit of beige blonde mixed in. The resulting look is akin to the kind of neutral brown that you see in delicious Portobello mushrooms. 

If you’re looking for something with just a hint of color, the Mauve Mushroom Brown color adds just a hint of hue for something a little less ashy. 

Autumn Foliage Coppers

Reds truly have their moment in the fall with the stunning foliage spotted across the country being mirrored in the multi tonal oranges and reddish coppers in hair color trends. What really makes this look pop however isn’t just a single flat shades, it’s the kind of balayage, dimensional look that gives the whole appearance some real depth.

When you go a little lighter and shift more into the buttery blondes however you can transform this entire trend into a pumpkin spice look that is such an iconic symbol of the fall.

What about curls you ask? Copper curls with the right cut and some styling oil or a leave-in look absolutely dreamy.

Want to put your hair up and still rock those pumpkin curls? Go for it! 

If you like to be a little more bold and daring, pairing 3 or 4 more different shades of coppers, reds and oranges results in a look that is almost candy corn like in appearance.

Alternatively if you want something more subtle, you can still enjoy your summery blonde with a little bit of a soft strawberry look, bringing in some rosey red hues throughout.

Ashlee Simpson Ross recently transitioned her blonde hair to this strawberry hued copper at the end of August to usher in autumn.

Face Framing Highlights

When it comes to getting a glow up on your beautiful face, ANY season is THE season for face framing highlights. Going into autumn though the trend has been less stark (such as chunky summer highlights in the front) and more subtle graduation of lightness. The result is a gradient of lighter hues that appear closer to the face gradually and really draws the eye inward towards your facial features.

This look is incredibly versatile as you pair it with a dark shadowed root look with lighter pieces that cascade down around your eyebrows and cheeks for a look that is right off the runway!

No matter what combo you choose, get creative! Beachy blondes are gone, so indulge yourself in chocolates, caramels, pumpkins and custards…the warm, sumptuous shades of fall.

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Stay chic and informed with our exclusive updates for tutorials, trends, tips, and early sales access!

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