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Elegant Halloween Hairstyle & Costume Ideas for 2022

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With Halloween just around the corner if you have a Halloween party to attend this weekend or perhaps like to get in the “spirit” of the season as well while taking your little ones around…we’ve got you! When it comes to elegant Halloween looks no one does it better than celebrities and influencers who always go all out for the occasion. From mild to wild, we’ve rounded up some of the best looks that need great hair to achieve with inspirations from Hailey Bieber to Heidi Klum!

Ciara Channels 90’s Singer Selena

Singer Ciara paid homage to one of her idols from the 90s, Selena, as she appeared during an iconic performance in February of 1995 at the Houston Astrodome. The singer had a beautiful blowout with hair tumbling down to her waist, paired with eyelash kissing bangs. The outfit? Red Leather with fabric bottoms!

Hailey Bieber’s Witchy Woman

Photographed in a bathroom fit for an enchantress, Hailey Bieber shared a photo on Instagram of this year’s Halloween outfit: raven black mermaid hair, green skin in a black satin gown. She cuddled in a bathtub with a victim and looked stunning

Cardi B’s Moulin Rouge

For perhaps a more adults only party, Cardi B showcased a sexy and stunning Victorian corset, jeweled from ears to neck with tumbling retro waves. This Moulin Rouge courtesan look featured an aqua sheer shawl trimmed with soft fur. The hair in raven black was super shined with hair oil and featured a classy off center part. The nude makeup and lip palette tied the whole thing together. She SLAYED!

Last year she went full on Vamp Queen, photographed in a darkened warehouse with porcelain pale skin, vibrant blood red lips and a spider-web like sheer dress. The hair? Mermaid length and stick straight, akin to a Vampire Cher from the 70s.

Kendall Jenner’s Nod to Pam!

If you’re looking to go big, bold and blonde this Halloween, none did that better then or now than Pamela Anderson in the 90s. Paying homage to Pam’s role in the film, “Barb Wire”, Kendall Jenner last year hopped on a motorcycle with big, voluminous beach with dark ombre roots. In a sheer catsuit with heavy eyeshadow she looked every big the image of her idol.

Jennifer Garner ALSO Went Witchy

Having some fun on Instagram Reels, just last week Jennifer Garner transformed from a witch and then into a ghost for Halloween. Wearing both a raven black and ghostly white wig for the reel, she did also have a 3rd friend join for the shoot: her dog!

Saweetie As Destiny’s Child

It’s truly amazing what a wig and some on point styling can do! Back in 2020 Saweetie made waves on social with a Halloween photoshoot recreating a Destiny’s Child shoot. Thanks to some Photoshop magic she appeared as all three singers of the group. Dark, center parted hair, a rooted blonde with hot pink tips and a magenta bob.

Bebe Rexha As Anna Nicole Smith

There was none more polarizing a figure than Anna Nicole Smith, whose marriage to the wealthy older J. Howard Marshall II made headlines worldwide. Last Halloween singer Bebe Rexha went all in, completely recreating Smith’s wedding day photos in a stunning bridal gown and gentleman in hand. Her hair was bride beautiful with flawlessly shiny bodacious blonde waves cascading down her shoulders under her veil.

Olivia Rodrigo’s Michelle Pfeiffer

The 1983 crime film, “Scarface” featured Michelle Pfeiffer in the iconic role of Elvira Hancock. For Halloween last year Disney actress Olivia Rodrigo went as Pfeiffer’s Elvira in a satiny blue slip dress and a sleek, shiny blonde wig

Mariah Carey’s Hair Band

Singer Mariah Carey took the big win a few years back after putting on loads of waist length hair extensions with red knee boots and a chain bodice to go as a full-on 80’s hair band. Her friends joined her in the fun, teasing hair and wigs to the sky with skintight leather, jeans and electric guitars.

Cardi B’s Poison Ivy

Cardi B also gets another mention for just about the most epic use of hair extensions ever seen on insta. A few years back she channeled Batman villain Poison Ivy with a massive mane of red hair that trailed 4 feet behind her! In skin tight green leather boots, bodice and with vivid red makeup, she went over the top with the look, raking up 4 million likes, shares and comments.

Ariana Grande’s Twilight Zone

A classic Twilight Zone episode, “Eye of the Beholder” featured a hospitalized woman with the twist at the end of the episode being that everyone else featured hideous faces. A few years back Ariana Grande recreated the almost melted bovine facial features for her Halloween Look with an ultra high ponytail and glam old Hollywood jewelry and dress. 

Paris Hilton’s Sexy Dorothy

No matter what costume exists, someone will make a “sexy” version of it. A few years back Paris Hilton had a custom made dress to become Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz. Her blonde hair was pulled up into a sleek, shiny high pony with long eyelashes, pale pink makeup and a unique collar that matched the dress.

Vanessa Hugens as “Spiderwife”

A few years back Vanessa Hudgens and a gal pal presented a stunning nighttime photo shoot on socials dressed as the iconic Spiderman figure on a rooftop. With a cowl over their heads and beacy raven black and balayage blonde, they looked every bit the superhero duo of “Spiderwives”.

Maya Jama’s Jessica Rabbit

Disney’s hit film, “Who Framed Roger Rabbit?” presented the ultimate femme fatale of Jessica Rabbit. A few years back sporting a red sequin gown and arm length lavender gloves, Maya Jama became the character for a Halloween gala. With chest length vibrant red hair, purple eyeshadow and vibrant magenta lips the look was simply stunning.

Kylie Jenner and the Power Rangers

When friends coordinate their Halloween ensemble it can be truly magical. For Halloween 2020 Kylie Jenner, Anastasia Karanikolaou and friends went as the Power Rangers in matching colored outfits with matching custom colored wigs. 

Adele’s Glam Clown

For something a bit more elegant, look to singer Adele who rocked teased out curls and sparkly eyeshadow with a pumpkin frilled clown dress for Halloween. 

“Kitty” Karlie Kloss

Channeling her inner feline without going full Catwoman, Karlie Kloss’s “Black Cat” look is a simple winner. A sleek black sparkly dress, heavy eyeshadow choker and tail with ash blonde hair pulled back behind the ear for a look that is purrrrfect. 

Kaia Gerber’s Disco Dolly

The disco era is unmatched in terms of over the top glitter and glam. Kaia Gerber was inspired by iconic looks of the disco era in this look that paired a gold sequin dress with a curled under bob with aqua and pearl white eyeshadow.

No matter what look you rock this weekend, have fun! Whether at a party or just getting into the spirit of the season with your family.

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