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Get Hollywood Style with U-Part Wigs

The who’s who of Hollywood have had a love affair with wigs for over a century, but today’s wigs are miles ahead when it comes to comfort, durability and even types. If extensions or sew-ins aren’t quite your thing, and you like to take your hair off at the end of day but also want more style versatility…there’s our BRAND NEW Perfect Locks Natural U-Part Wigs!

Our U-Part Wigs have a U-shaped swiss lace base that allows you to free your natural hair to mask the base and have more styling possibilities than a full wig. You get the length, volume and density in a protective style without having to sit hours in a chair for traditional sew-ins. Beyond that, you can part and section your hair any which way while most of your hair is in a protective style. It can be applied and adjusted in just minutes for the ultimate in convenience while on the go.

Celebrities love the ability to change up a look on a moment’s notice with names such as Kim Kardashian, Rihanna, Kylie Jenner and Jennifer Lopez just a few of them who swear by wigs. If you want to get the celebrity look, watch how Maria installs our Straight 20" Natural Black U-Part Wig.

Are U-Part Wigs for me?

If you answer yes to any of these questions, you will love our Perfect Locks U-Part Wigs!

  • I like the protective style benefits of a sew-in, but not the hassle of going to a salon.
  • I like to change my hairstyle frequently depending on how I feel.
  • I want to be able to shampoo my hair.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What is a U-Part Wig?
    • All of our U-part Wigs are made with 100% ethically sourced Remy Indian Human hair allowing a natural seamless installation. They are a fast and easy protective style that has a unique U-shaped structure so that your own hair sits on top of the wig.
  2. Will the U-Part Wig damage my hair?
    • No, it will not! Our U-Part wigs are designed to give you the opportunity to give your hair a break from heat, permanent extensions, helps promote natural hair growth underneath, and helps prevent hair loss.
  3. Can I heat style my U-Part Wig?
    • As our hair is 100% Remy Indian Human hair, you can use all your favorite styling tools. We highly recommend using a heat protectant and to use no higher than 400 degrees Fahrenheit on your heat tools. If you go any higher than the recommended heat setting, it can disrupt the integrity of the hair.
  4. Can I go swimming with my U-Part Wig?
    • We do not recommend wearing your U-Part Wig while swimming. However, if you do, we highly recommend braiding your hair to minimize tangling or matting.
  5. How long will my U-Part Wig last?
    • Your U-Part Wig can last you 3-5 years with the proper care and maintenance.
  6. How do you install your U-Part Wig?
    • Section a U-shaped section from the hairline to the crown of your head. Leave some hair near the hairline out for better blending. Create 2 or more braids or create a bun with the leftover hair and pull back. Once this is sectioned off you are ready to clip in your wig. Once the wig is secure, you can then release the section you pulled before and lay it over the top of the wig. You can then use your own hair to blend away the seam and have a flawless finish!
  7. How do you remove your U-Part Wig?
    • You simply unclip the wig out of your hair! We recommend brushing out the wig and storing it in your Perfect Locks wig box or purple pouch.
  8. Can I do it myself?
    • You can install this yourself in just minutes with ease.
  9. Can I color my U-Part Wig?
    • You can color your U-Part Wig! However, we highly recommend you have a licensed professional color the wig for you. 
    • Tip: For better results - We recommend purchasing the lightest color option and deposit, tone, or highlight a color over it. This is less damaging to the hair!
  10. I’m new to wigs, is it beginner friendly?
    • Our U-part wigs are beginner friendly! It gives you the opportunity to have your natural hair out without having to deal with glue!
  11. Can I do a side part with my U-Part Wig?
    • Yes! Our U-Part Wigs allow you to create your own parting! 
  12. My hair is thin on top, would this be a good option for me?
    • If you are thinning on your scalp, this item is not suitable for you. Our Perfect Locks Toppers or Hair Fiber are a better solution.
  13. What size is the U-Part Wig?
    • Our U-Part Wigs are a medium sized cap that has adjustable straps to cater to your head shape!
  14. Am I able to put my hair up and try different hairstyles?
    • Yes! You can create many versatile hairstyles with our U-Part Wig. Ex. Ponytails, half up half down, bun, etc.
  15. Am I able to sleep in my U-Part Wig?
    • We do not recommend sleeping in your U-Part Wig. However, if you choose to do so, we highly recommend you create a braided hairstyle and sleep on a silk pillowcase or wear a silk bonnet.
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Stay chic and informed with our exclusive updates for tutorials, trends, tips, and early sales access!

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