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A Journey to the Homeland of Hair

gautama and priyankaRecently the founders of Perfect Locks visited India, an amazingly diverse country rich with tradition, culture, and lots of beautiful hair. They travel to India several times a year to check in on the production, quality control, and operations of their facilities in India. However, this was not the typical trip, this was an enlightening experience. Imagine yourself taking part in the meaningful journey human hair in India goes through. Sitting in a packed room full of Hindu devotees ready to donate your hair for the sake of religion, spirituality, and hair extensions. Priyanka and Gautama Swamy did just that, they participated in the wildy popular and historically significant act of donating their locks of hair to the temple.

Tell Me More About Temple Hair

tirupati templeAs you may already know, the great majority of human hair used for extensions around the world are sourced from India. What you may not know, is how much virgin Indian hair exactly comes from India, and how the hair comes to be. In India, Hindu's donate their hair to the temple as regular practice, it's a way of giving thanks to God and letting go of one's ego. This process is known as "tonsuring" and more than 50,000 people donate hair here at this temple every day. Yes, every day. Throughout India, there are hundreds of thousands donating hair at temples throughout the country. This hair is  sold by public auction to international buyers to be used as hair extensions. The money from the auctions is then cycled back into the temple and the communities within India.

Participating in the Temple Experience

The temple in Tiraputi, India, is one the largest temple in the world, and was constructed in 9th century AD. Gautama and Priyanka, married Partners of Perfect Locks,  have made several visits to this temple, this time they decided to take part in the tonsuring ceremony. They wanted to experience the complete process of donating hair, and give back to the communities in India who have helped contribute to the success of Perfect Locks. It was a very spiritual and humbling journey for both of them. 

line of indian women

They stood in a 2 mile long line with a diverse range of participants, from peasants to business owners, to share the experience. The line eventually took them to the tonsuring room, where many experienced barbers shave the heads of women, men, and children. They had done this once before, but it before Perfect Locks, there was a different level of appreciation and gratitude this time, since the hair from this temple has cycled it's way through the diverse range of products at Perfect Locks in one way or another.

Some Truth About Hair Extensions

indian woman with babyThe truth of the matter is, most Brazilian hair, Malaysian hair, Cambodian hair, and even Chinese hair is most likely coming from India, and is mixed with synthetic and/or animal hair. In fact, India is the only country exporting thousands of tons of human hair per year, to countries like China and Korea. This export is mainly with non Remy hair. Non Remy hair is hair which has been collected from various bundles and processed to rip the cuticles off. This is officially Human hair but there is no comparison to Human hair with cuticles intact. This hair finds it's market mostly in China where they make various textures and market the products as Brazilian, Peruvian, Malaysian hair. These terms were created by companies as clever marketing strategies, to steer the consumer in a new and exciting "region" of hair extensions. There is no other place in the world where people come in droves to relinquish their hair. And Brazilians, Malaysians, and Cambodians are definitely not donating hair for the purpose of hair extensions. Most companies are not completely truthful about where their hair is sourced from, or they may be somewhat ignorant to where the hair comes from themselves.

hair extensions quizhair extensions quiz