8 Fall Hairstyles Perfect for Hair Extensions

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Autumn means not only a change of seasons, it also means it’s time for big, bold and intricate styles. Gone are the carefree beach air days and in comes warmer hair color tones, braids, ponytails and more intricate styles held in place with bobby pins or hair accessories. We rounded up our top 8 favorite fall trends happening right now to get you inspired to switch up your style for the season!


If you’re a fan of the half-up hairstyle, the twist is a simple look that can be striking and requires little more than texturizing product. Grab a section and lightly backcombing the hair before twisting upward. Secure the twisted section in place with a few grips, and repeat on the other side. Once you’re done, gently tug at the twists to plump them up, and pull a few strands down to help frame the face.


Selena Gomez appeared on the The Late Show with Stephen Colbert last week with Steve Martin and Martin Short with a simple hairstyle that made waves: face framing bangs. This sleek and shiny hairstyle featured a clean center part with waist length hair (courtesy of extensions) in a rich chocolatey brown that were layered to perfection. If you don't have the hair you need up front, try installing clip in bang extensions, they're super easy to install and can help you achieve trendy hairstyles with ease.


Liquid hair is a trend that is both dramatic and popular with everyone from Jennifer Lopez to Kim Kardashian going all in on this upscale sleek look. It’s a look that it is in between the glass hair trend and wet hair trend and is essentially just a runway ultra-smooth sleek look with loads of shine. It is paired with hair that has been properly trimmed to remove bulk and weight so you have the length, but movement. As the hair moves and catches light it looks almost liquid from the shiny smoothness. Khloe Kardashian recently showcased the look with a viral “hair bra” photo that racked up 2.6 million likes!


It's that time of year again for everything to go pumpkin spice. The past few weeks Google hair reported that “pumpkin spice hair” searches have skyrocketed up +450% as everyone looks for some copper hair color and extensions for autumn. Since this look is seasonal, a set of clip-in hair extensions in Dark Auburn is a great way to rock the look while it’s trendy and then be free to switch things up for the holidays!


With mermaid length hair (thanks to extensions), you can do so many different style variations. One of the simplest variations is a sleek fashion ponytail with bangs that pairs so well with a cozy fall sweater. The trick to getting the bangs and money piece in the front is simple: lots of hairspray and a boar bristle brush.


Blonde is a staple fashion statement for hairstyle trends during fall and this year will be no exception. While it is timeless, expect this fall to see more cool, creamy blonde hues as autumn sets in. Pair these stunning blonde hues with loose romantic waves to maximize your feminine appeal. And if you want to take your blonde look from daytime stylish to nighttime elegant, simple braids will do the trick! Try tape in hair extensions to achieve this look, they can be professionally installed and will last well into your honeymoon (if you're getting married).

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When it comes to Beyoncé, the Queen reigns supreme for her long wavy tresses, but her style for autumn had everyone talking and it presented a stunning take on the two-tone hair trend. This look incorporated both honey-blonde hair with darker brown with lots of wavy texture. Paired with a middle part, it’s a great inspiration if you’re thinking of creating some dimension with your extensions.


If there was one hairstyle that defined the early 2000s it was side bangs. Side bangs can be worn in so many different ways and are particularly flattering if you have a large forehead and want to minimize it to draw more attention to your eyes. This look incorporates tight braids on one side of the head and uses all that volume and texture for side bangs that bounce.

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