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3 Easy Valentine's Day Braided Hairstyles

Back in 2015 the most popular Instagram photo of the year was already chosen by May 25 when Kendall Jenner shared a simple photo of her in an elegant lace dress lying on the carpet with her hair (and extensions) delicately placed into a ring of seven hearts.

With Valentine’s Day almost upon us, if you find yourself wanting to embrace the season of love with a hairstyle to dazzle someone special in your life, we present our own braided interpretation of #ValentinesDayHair that is easy to do at home with the right length to work with, thanks to human hair extensions!

We also show you below two variations on this theme incorporating different types of braids to show a little heart of your own in your hair. 


TOOLS NEEDED: Wide-tooth comb, fine-tooth comb, decorative hair clip, ponytail holders, good firm holiday hairspray.

  1. Starting with damp hair (either towel-dried or misted), use a wide-tooth comb to detangle. Then, using a fine-tooth comb, part the hair down the middle of the head. Clip one side up right above the ear.
  2. On the other side of the part, use the fine comb to gather a thin section of hair from the crown.  This section should measure about 2 inches from the hairline to the top of the head.
  3. Divide this section into three, and begin a French braid starting at the crown and curving toward the temple, then toward the back of the head, like the top lobe of a heart.  You will be lifting hair into the braid only from this side of the part. Leave no loose hair in front of the ears.
  4. When you reach the center part at the back of the head, secure the braid with a ponytail holder.  If hair is very long, end the braid about mid-ear; the ends will hang down the back.
  5. Unclip the hair on the other side of the part and repeat the process.  Secure with a ponytail holder.
  6. Join the ends of the braids together in the center of head and secure with ponytail holder. Finish with a decorative clip. Finish with a good holding hairspray that has shine and for shine, control and for style memory.
valentine's day hairstyles
Option #2

Simple & Understated

If you wanted to go for a look that was simpler and understated, you can also opt for this heart shaped half ponytail that you can do in just a few easy steps.


hairstyles for valentine's day


Option #3

Classic Romance

For a classic romantic look, you can also plait two side braids and spiral into a heart shape, fixing it place with bobby pins.

hairstyles with hair extensions

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