Get Rid of Those Annoying Flyaways

Get Rid of Those Annoying Flyaways

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get rid of flyaways

We all have annoying flyaways to deal with on a daily basis. You might be done styling your hair but then you realize that you have a small problem. Small pieces of hair are sticking out on the top of your head of hair when you don't want them to. Don't let your tresses get out of control. Instead learn how to master the pesky flyaways before they master you.

1. Moisturize your hair with deep conditioner and oil

One of the biggest reasons you get flyaways during the winter and spring time is because your hair isn't getting enough moisture. Low humidity and dry air are are also the culprit. Solve this problem by using a natural deep conditioner on a regular basis. Small amounts of oil can also help replenish your hair. Apply a little bit of oil to the parts of your hair that are sticking up and put a shower cap over the oil for up to 15 minutes. Allow the oil to penetrate deep into your hair shaft and your messy hairs should dissipate.

2. Find a light weight hairspray.

As we've stressed in recent posts, you don't want to overuse hair products in your hair extensions,  specifically hair spray. But, if you sparingly use hairspray that's okay because hairspray happens to make flyaways go away. Spray a small amount on the problem area or spray a little bit on your hair brush. If you spray hairspray on your hair brush, gently comb your brush through your hair until your flyaways have disappeared.

3. Apply leave-in conditioner to your hair.

Leave-In Conditioner that is designed to smooth down flyaways works great for those pesky hairs. However, don't overuse cream because it can quickly make your hair appear overly greasy. For emergencies you can also use leave-in to get rid of your hair that just isn't lying down. 

4. Have a dryer sheet?

A dryer sheet is a fast acting way to get rid of your flyaway hair. Running a dryer sheet through your hair will reduce the static electricity and get rid of the hairs that won't calm down.

5. Get your flyways wet with a little bit of water.

If you didn't straighten your hair and you have naturally curly locks all you need to do is get your hands wet and get the flyaways damp. The water will hopefully smooth down your hair. Even if your hair is straightened you can try the water technique if you are running out the door. However, only use a little bit of water so that you don't counter act your straight hair do.

One of the above techniques should work in your hair and smooth away flyaways. Feeling confident with your hair style is important and in order to feel beautiful getting rid of flyaways is a bit part of it.

We hope you had a wonderful weekend! Now - go and fight those flyaways!

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