mink eyelash extensions

Mink Eyelash Extensions

Lengthen your lashes with 100% Mink eyelash extensions. Eyelash extensions are an easy way to amplify your look. Our lashes last for up to 30 uses with proper care and will be your ultimate go-to for your eyes, go from sultry to fierce in a flash. You'll feel naked without them.

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Get an Eye Makeover with Our Mink Eyelash Extensions

The secret of Hollywood actresses and singers like Beyoncé, Perfect Locks Mink Eyelashes are feathery and lightweight meaning they are virtually weightless on your natural lashes. Our premium quality, 100% real mink hair eyelash extensions that are collected cruelty-free with no harm to minks. Crafted by a team of talented artisans, they deliver thick, lush and full eyelashes that will earn you endless compliments. Available in 7 different styles to suit your goals and lifestyle.

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