The Best Bridal Hairstyle Transformations for 2022

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Wedding Hair Extensions

A few weeks ago, under a cover of secrecy, a couple stepped off a plane in Las Vegas before a handful of friends joined them in an intimate ceremony where they became husband and wife. The couple was Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck, aka “Bennifer”, and this time around they both desired something simple, less grandiose for their special day. But despite simplifying the entire marriage affair to a quiet ceremony with friends, the one thing J Lo didn’t compromise on was her hair. She flew in friend and longtime hairdresser Chris Appleton who gave the new Mrs. Jennifer Affleck a bouncy, old Hollywood style. Perhaps even more than makeup, brides take great hair in planning their perfect wedding hair.

In the summer months searches for hair transformations spike and with good reason: we love seeing before and after, particularly on the most special day of anyone’s life: their wedding. We present a roundup of 3 hair trends we love for 2022 and beyond, in an editorial shoot we held at Flares Bridal to showcase our new complete line of glam wedding hair accessories.

Graciela Wearing Flawless Blonde Balayage Seamless Clip-Ins

The glam: Flora Tiara Comb 

The “power pony” is one of the most versatile hairstyles of all because it looks just as good on the Red Carpet as it does in the gym. Particularly for summer weddings it allows you to keep the length you love, but lift it up off your neck and shoulders, giving you a break from the heat. Moreover, for a formal occasion, the way it moves down that White Carpet is just dreamy. For this look, we incorporate a balayage effect with clip-in hair extensions only, saving your hair from chemical processing with hair color. Dressing up the pony tie-off section with an elegant Flora Tiara Comb ties the whole look together. 


Nataya Wearing Curly Highlighted Brown Auburn Seamless Clip-Ins

The glam: Rhiannon Bejeweled 

There are true boho beach vibes with this bridal look and best of all? It’s all about that texture girl! What makes bohemian wedding hair so versatile is that it’s straightforward, with a no fuss approach to the occasion. You can go right from the wedding to the reception with no need to let your hair down. With a clean side part, loads of teased texture and shine, all this look needs is that elegant bling on the side to give what would be a mermaid hair look that kind of formality for the occasion.  


Viri Wearing Stunning Brown Balayage Seamless Clip-Ins

The glam: Dazzling Vine Tiara Comb

There is a timelessness with “s” wave hair, sleek and shiny waves that cascade down over the front of your shoulders. A clean center part paired with loads of depth, density and volume builds layers of a look for any special occasion. But in true fairy tale princess fashion, the crowning finish is always the tiara. Our Dazzling Vine Tiara Comb frames the crown of the head in glittering silver and rhinestones, making you truly queen on your day. 


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