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How to Perfectly Blend Your Weave

straight perfect locks weave

While we do offer a number of options for our customers to wear sew in hair weaves with little to no hair out such as closure pieces and lace frontals, some ladies prefer to leave a section of hair out for added versatility and a more realistic look.  With this option, unless your hair’s texture matches the extensions perfectly, some amount of blending will be required for a flawless installation.  Most ladies do not want weaves that are high maintenance so here are a few easy tips to help you blend your weave.

Tame your edges!

Having a smooth, sleek hairline is like the icing on the cake to a great weave installation.  It gives your hair a polished and more professional appearance and can even help to conceal tracks placed around the perimeter of your head.  Edge slicking, controlling, and smoothing products are wildly popular these days so we suggest finding one that works well for you, but a few customer favorites are Ampro’s Silk Edges ($4) and Hick’s Edge Control ($16).

curly perfect locks weave

Twist or braid at night

Nothing is worse than seeing the texture of your hair extensions lying beautifully against your head – with the waves and curls popping, only to have your natural hair sitting on top like a rat’s nest!  Try twisting or braiding your hair at night, intertwining your hair with the hair extensions so the two textures blend together seamlessly when you undo the twists the next morning.

Control fly-aways

Virgin hair tends to frizz a bit in humidity, making the separation of your hair extensions and natural hair much more noticeable.  Try using silicone based glossifiers to help silken both textures and block humidity from causing frizz.  Also rub a bit of your edge product overtop of your leave out (lightly) to help your hair to lay nicely.

Keep it conditioned

Whether speaking about your natural hair or your Perfect Locks hair extensions, both require regular maintenance and care to look their best.  Be sure to condition your natural hair to prevent dryness and breakage and the extensions to keep them soft and supple.  Hair that is in great condition looks great as well.

Try these tips and no one will be able to detect your hair from your extensions, leaving you with a perfectly blended weave!

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