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Must-Try Hairstyles That Make You Look Younger

Getting the right haircut can make you look years younger, transforming your appearance from looking dull to looking fresh and renewed. A fringe at the right length and a hairstyle suitable to your face shape can lift a sagging face, create a stronger-looking jaw line, and soften severe facial features. It’s like a magic wand highlighting your beautiful features while camouflaging your flaws.

To help you find the right hairstyle, here are some of our age-defying haircuts that might pique your interest.  

Deep Side Part

Photo Credit: @romeufelipe

Creating a deep side part will help prevent our hair from falling flat, softening severe facial features and giving a mini lift to sagging skin. Donning limp and lifeless hair can only exacerbate the signs of aging, accentuating deep lines and droopy skin. 

Thus, layered, side-swept bangs with a haircut that hits below the chin— not extending beyond the collarbone— will soften facial features while giving our face a mini-lift. It helps add volume to the crown of the head, giving the illusion of thicker, fuller hair while drawing attention to the cheekbone for a face -lifting effect.

Gray Hair With Soft Textured Layers

Photo Credit: @romeufelipe


We love seeing women embracing their gray hair. However, if the cut isn’t done right, it can make us look older than we are. As such, freshen up your silvery hair with a touch of modern flair by getting the right haircut. Opt for soft, choppy layers for a modern twist, updating your hair for a fresher look and contemporary glam.

Gray hair usually appears coarse.Thus, there’s no need to add more texture to your locks.

The soft, choppy layers will give your hair a much-needed volume, giving it body and movement for that effortless, undone look.

Since gray hair tends to be dry and brittle, you may want to include the following in your hair care routine to maintain silky, smooth, and frizz-free hair.

  1.  Get a keratin treatment every three months. At home keratin treatments are available if you’re low budget.
  2. You may need to use a flatiron to smooth out the strands but in doing so, keep the heat at a low minimum as much as possible and use a hydrating hair treatment mask once a week to keep hair damage at bay.
  3. Go to your hairstylist for a regular trim at least every eight weeks.

Messy Curly Bob 


Bob haircuts have many renditions–but the one we prefer most for older women is the one that adds volume and dimension–a hairstyle paired with natural curls and wavy texture. 

Unlike long hairstyles, curly bobs will not drag the face down and will even volumize thinning hair. Plus, small curls accentuate and frame your facial features, perking up the face and giving it a lifted effect.

Choppy Bob

You will certainly look youthful and vibrant by donning this hairstyle. You can never go wrong with a choppy bob— a bluntly cut, neck-length haircut with short-framing pieces around the face. Just don’t forget to tease the roots, finishing it off with a volumizing spray to prevent your locks from looking limp, flat, and dull.

Asymmetrical Bob

Asymmetrical cuts have quietly been growing in popularity for a few years now. Women who are keyed up to try a new hairdo love the trend. Trail-blazing personalities have embraced the style’s eccentric flair, adding an edgy touch to their hairstyles. This cut is bold and daring as it doesn’t follow the traditional route— it doesn't have left-right symmetry: one side is cut shorter than the other— often at an angle. 

Thus, you may think mature women can’t sport this sassy hairstyle. But, you surely can! To achieve this look, your bangs should not be uneven like the rest of the haircut. You can accentuate your asymmetrical bob cut with long bangs styled into a fancy side—preferably,  a deep side part that softens facial features and balances an asymmetric cut.

Long Layers With Highlights

You can still wear your hair long-- provided it’s healthy, evenly layered, and the coloring is spot on. Adding highlights and lowlights can bring some dimension to the hair, making it look luscious and fuller than it is. 

You may also want to try our naturally-looking hair extensions for lush, fuller, and longer-looking hair.

Asymmetrical Bangs

Asymmetrical bangs are sometimes cut at diagonal angles or varying lengths— giving off that modern and chic vibe. If you’re bothered by deep forehead wrinkles, getting asymmetrical bangs can help conceal deep lines. Moreover, uneven bangs not only help keep deep lines out of sight but also highlight your prominent cheekbones, giving you a more youthful and lifted appearance.

We can say that it's a bold look for mature women—but you can downplay the vibe by keeping the rest of the haircut nice and even.

Note: Women with large foreheads wear bangs to balance out or offset this facial feature. However, if you have a short forehead but want to hide your deep lines—opting for long bangs that can be swept to the side is a good option.

Modern Shag

Fine and feathered bangs that blend seamlessly into shaggy, face-contouring layers can give the face a flattering glow.  The hairstyle’s face-framing effect makes the cheekbone look even more prominent–giving you that youthful look you’re going for.

Bob With Stylish Bangs

Think Anna Wintour. She's a well-respected and renowned fashion figure worldwide. Thus, we can confidently say that you can never go wrong channeling her hairstyle vibe.

A mid-length bob like Wintour's suits most women. If not, you can still do this haircut by just making some tweaks or adjustments to the length. Her hairstyle has stayed the same through the years as “she’s too lazy to change it.” 

Nonetheless, she made this signature bob a staple because it works like a charm. A blunt chin-length cut and neat bangs that look so chic, it makes her look younger and elegantly stunning. And though she kept the same hairstyles for years, she plays with subtle, natural highlights and lowlights now and then to freshen up her look, adding some zest to her otherwise monotonous hairdo.

As we look for the most flattering haircut and new hair trends,  we might get into the trap of trying any age-defying hairstyles we fancy–but that’s not the way to go. Any hairstyle, no matter how age-defying, will not give you the best result if it does not suit your face shape. Not only will it fail to bring out your best features, it will also make your facial flaws stand out even more. 

Seeking  advice from a highly qualified, expert hair stylist is still the best route in ensuring that you’ll get to don a hairstyle that brings out your most lovely features, making your face look more vibrant and youthful.

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Stay chic and informed with our exclusive updates for tutorials, trends, tips, and early sales access!

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