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Fall Hairstyle Trends We're Falling for in 2022

The calendar turns once again and the blonde balayage mermaid look of summer is now transitioning to almost brownie batter dessert looks of autumn. Warm hair colors such as chocolates, burnt caramel, coffee, etc. are all on trend right now but the one defining trait that takes a flat color and amps it up is the dimension. Dimension can be created with color effects like ombre or balayage extensions, human hair wigs or sew-in wefts or through texture such as waves, curls or just the right haircut.

We’ve rounded up some of the dominant fall hair trends for 2022 to get you inspired as you go all in on pumpkin spice season!

Color Palette Inspiration

Just what are the trending hair colors of this season? Think pumpkin, caramel, autumn leaves, cinnamon and warm coffee. 

Curly Autumn Reds

Just because it’s warm hair color season, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a little hues of autumn with rich reds. From Kendall Jenner to Zendaya, celebrities and influencers have been trying on all manner of ruddy reds that are warm, rich and with a caramel look to them. But to amp up the look, you need some dimension and texture. Go big with those curls or layers!

Wispy Lobs

Curtain bangs worn in summer that transition to a face framing lob style and also trending for autumn. A simple shoulder-length lob with highlights along the hairline serve to frame the face, especially when paired with some teased texture with some slight wave.

Y2K Supermodel Blowout

The 90s and Y2k trends were big the past few years as the trend cycle brought everything that was old back again, including supermodel hair. During the era of the supermodel the hair was bigger, longer, with bendy volume and loads of blonde color dimension. Olivia Wilde shown here rocked the look and it’s the perfect trend to change up your beachy mermaid hair.

Bigger, Bolder Balayage!

Just because “blonde season” is over doesn’t mean you have to give it up completely. The “shadow root” color trend blew up during the COVID lockdown as time in between color appointments meant darker regrowth that celebrities were embracing as a fashion statement. Going into autumn, this look is trending as a fashionable color look paired with big, teased volume and a clean side part.

Chunky Highlights

Remember the 90s chunky highlight trend? Well it’s back for 2022! This look brings back what chunky highlights always did best: frame the face. Adding lighter pieces to the front of any hairstyle draw the eye inward to accentuate the face and also brighten things up a bit. 

Chunky Balayage Blunt Cuts

Speaking of chunky highlights, when the chunky highlight effect is all over the head it pairs beautifully with a long, sleek blunt cut as seen on Chrissy Teigen. The shade is simple: balayage that is a warm, buttery champagne blonde.

Rocking That Texture

How amazing is it that curls are finally having their moment? Going into autumn embrace that natural curl! Accentuate those curls and even add loads of volume with additional wefts, hairpieces, or if you’re giving your real natural hair a break: go for closure units or a wig. No matter what you are doing remember that the style is all about volume, curl definition and also long, bold bangs. Make sure you have curl care products you need to keep it from frizzing up as the temps cool (we’ve got you covered there as well!)

Old Hollywood Waves

Autumn is such a romantic time of year, captured best in the kind of old Hollywood films that were truly brought to life by the screen queens of Old Hollywood. This trend started by celebrities on the Red Carpet during awards season has become an all year staple trend and requires little more than glam mermaid length waves, and loads of reflective shine. Pair it with a nude makeup palette and a few glam hair accessories and you are ready for the holiday season ahead.

Wispy Weekender Hair with a Top Knot

Fall is the wind down before winter. The hectic pace of summer travel is done, the weekend are longer and lazy and the temperatures cooler as the days shorten. Zoey Deutch’s “wispy weekender” hair is beautiful for being understated. The hair has some wave, dimension and the colors of autumn in it, swept up in a top knot but with some face framing tendrils. It’s a casual look that looks great on just about anyone.

Classic Long Layers

Actress Riley Keough for the Elvis movie stepped out in another classic Hollywood hairstyle: the long, layered cut. With cinnamon roots that transition to lighter ginger colored ends, this cut cascades down over the shoulders and chest. Long, flowing layers don’t just tumble down like summer mermaid hair, they’re cut to have graduated layers as they fall, framing the face along the week.

Botticelli Waves

So named for the famous artist, the Botticelli hair trend first appeared early this year at the Met Gala before it took on a life of its own. For fall, the look is shorter, more defined but also with more volume to appear loose. It’s not as stark as a blunt bob, but has enough layers, wave and depth to appear less polished and fussy. It’s ideal if you have a natural wave ot your hair, but you’ll need to keep the frizz under control for the look to look elegant. 

Braided Ponytail

Ponytails look good any time of year, but going into autumn sometimes you want to just get our braid on! This simple braided ponytail is 4 different braids that can mixed and matched for a variety of different looks.

Baby Braids

Another classic 90’s and Y2k look is back in braided form: baby braids. These teeny face framing braids are an alternate take on face framing highlights in that they draw attention to the face while also making a fun statement. The key is dimension, so balayage blonde or dark brownie batter shades with lighter pieces will make the baby braids pop.

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Love Great Hair?

Stay chic and informed with our exclusive updates for tutorials, trends, tips, and early sales access!

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