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4 Delicious Hair Color Trends for Fall

With a change of seasons, we commonly see a change in fashion and color trends. While historically cool colors, such as blondes and ashes are the hair of summer, warmer tones such as chocolatey browns or dark caramel browns are the hair color of autumn and winter. After a long summer with social distancing, some of the biggest trends in hair color this year are inspired by foods and drinks that we find joy in and make us feel warm just in name alone. From pumpkin spice to cinnamon bun, we rounded up some of the “yummy” hair color trends for fall 2020 and the perfect shade and type of hair extensions to rock the trend!


While caramel is more honey hued from slowly cooking down sugar, dulce de leche is a Spanish version that is made with milk and sugar. It is dark, sumptuous and rich, making it the perfect color inspiration for autumn and winter. Think a dark brown base with caramel or cream color lengths or ends and you have an ombre style that is also called “dip dye”. This color trend has been rocked by everyone from Lauren Conrad to Jamie Chung.

dulchedeleche hair color trends


Our wavy ombre 7 piece clip-in set is delicious transition from a dark chocolatey brown base to honey blonde tips. You can rock the latest ombré trend without harsh chemicals using hair extensions with this Perfect Locks ombre clip in set. The roots are a #2 Dark Brown, mid-shaft is #4 Medium Brown, and the ends are a #27 Honey Blonde. Available in straight, wavy and curly.



For the last 10 years, as soon as the days grow shorter and leaves start to turn color, most of us go absolutely wild for everything pumpkin. Starbucks adds their Pumpkin Spice Latte to the menu and stores roll out foods flavored with pumpkin, but the inspiration has also found its way to clothing  shades, interior design and even candles. Where hair is concerned, the 2020 version of pumpkin spice hair is less bright red and more dark auburn, almost like a combination of pumpkin with a little bit of chocolate. It is deep, rich and multidimensional and is oh so autumn.


Our new Perfect Locks natural beaded weft rows utilized silicone lined color-matched microbeads. In Dark Auburn #33 this installation is a richer twist on the classic pumpkin spice look. Perfect Locks natural beaded weft rows are the perfect extensions for quick, long-lasting coverage and flexibility. Our Perfect Locks FreeStyle™ Micro Beads feature a durable and lightweight silicone lining that minimize weight on the hair follicle. The beads come pre-installed on a long-lasting triple-stitched machine weft track, they offer instant volume, length, and density. The tracks are pre-cut to make your installation easy and flawless. We use our highest quality wavy hair texture, it's ethically sourced and our most popular and versatile texture by far. You'll love it.



Picture a day strolling through the city as the temperatures cool and you are wrapped in a warm sweater and there is nothing more perfect for that walk than a chocolate chai. First named by NYC colorist Stephanie Brown, this dark chocolatey color features light swirls of creamy highlights…just like the warm beverage its named after. 

dulche de leche hair trend color


The amazing thing about our premium quality human remy hair is that it can easily be custom colored by your extensionist. This means one dimensional shades like our Chocolate Brown #3 can be given a light bit of a highlighting effect in the salon to replicate the look. Our extensions can give that length and density to work with and your colorist can take it next level with our Wavy Fusion I-Tips! Experience uncompromising elegance with Perfect Locks wavy I-tip fusion hair extensions. Use them with micro ring beads or glue them directly to your own hair with hot keratin glue and pliers. 




When it comes to blondes, the trend for the past several years has been towards more caramel, warm tones instead of the traditional pale ash colors. Inspired by the hue and tones of honey glazed buns and cakes, there is one Queen that reigns when it comes to honey brunette and that is Beyoncé herself. After a social media blackout for a while, she returned to Instagram this week rocking this signature color of the season that brings on the feeling of fall with just the right amount of a sun-kissed look.



If you’re looking for more lasting wear to carry through to next year, our Curly Tape-In Hair Extensions in a golden brown with a length of 22” will have you feeling like you are a Queen in your own right! Our HairLock+™ Adhesive Strips keep them snug for 4 to 6 weeks before you pop into your stylists to have them re-taped. 


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