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The Best All-Natural Oils for Dry Hair and Skin

Fri, May 27, 16

natural oils for hair and skin

Nourishing your hair, skin, and scalp with natural oils doesn’t have to mean breaking the bank with fancy, specialty products from online shops or health-food stores. Some of the best moisturizers on the market can be found on your grocer’s shelves. Here are just a few of the top, reasonably-priced beauty oils:

  • Olive oil: A great all-purpose moisturizer. Use to give hair great strength, sheen, and suppleness, especially as a hot oil treatment for dry hair. Just make sure to rinse it out, as olive oil is one of the heavier products out there. For skin, simply smooth in a small amount and let it do its magic!
  • Coconut oil: One of the best lubricants for thirsty locks. This cheap and abundant cooking oil comes in liquid and solid form, and has extra-tiny molecules of fat—which means it breaks down and absorbs quickly, providing your hair with the nutrients it needs without leaving greasy residue. Use as a styling product, leave-in hair treatment, or in addition to your regular conditioner or shampoo, for glowing results. Sunbathers and those in tropical or humid climates will love this oil for the way it softens skin without clogging pores or trapping heat.
  • Carrot oil: A better hair oil than skin product, in most cases, carrot oil is also made of very fine particles, and leaves a healthy sheen, not a shine. While not always available in pure form, many beauty supply stores carry small bottles of carrot oil, mixed with other natural emollients. And a little can do quite a lot, so just make sure there are no synthetics or petroleum products, and go for it! Use as a detangling, conditioning, or finishing product.
  • Sunflower oil: Superb for lubricating all skin types, even oily faces, sunflower oil tends to be too delicate and lightweight for use as a hair oil. It naturally contains Vitamin E, though, which helps heal skin and restore old cells. Usually available in liquid form, and in a BIG bottle, which should last quite a while when left on as a quick night or day moisturizer.
  • Almond oil: Another natural product best suited for skin, although many women with not-so-dry locks find it useful, too. The almond proteins help build up skin and bring back elasticity, although it may be best to mix with other products in a mask or facial treatment, and then rinse off. Excellent for hands, though.

Any and all of these products are available in grocery stores, discount beauty supplies, or even farmer’s markets. So who says looking good has to be expensive? You can be healthy, happy, and gorgeous on a budget!

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