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All About the New Perfect Locks

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New Look, Same Great Hair

We're celebrating our 10th Anniversary with a whole new look! The same high-quality add-on hair that you've relied on to be beautifully you, but with a whole new shopping experience online. Here's what you'll love: 

Faster and easier shopping to find hair extensions that work for you

Perfect Perks reimagined to show you how much we appreciate your business

Helpful articles and inspirational stories, how-to's and more!

So much more, we'll be releasing more features and content just for you!

Our Story Started a Lifetime Ago, Half Way Around the World

When I was a little girl growing up in Bangalore, India, I visited a temple and witnessed the ritual of Tonsure. The most spiritual of Indian women would spend years caring for their hair with a reverence unrivaled anywhere in the world.
gautama and priyanka swamyDelicately cared for with precious oils, never colored, and never blow dried. It is perhaps the most loved and luscious hair on earth. Once a year they would pilgrimage to temples and offer their beautiful tresses to a higher power, thereby achieving spiritual enlightenment.

I was so moved by this act and by the beauty of this hair that I made it my life's mission to take this gift of love and light and pass it on. Every strand in every weft in what became Perfect Locks has a story... In practice, it comes with a little love from women half a world away. To give you hope, confidence and inspiration. To look in the mirror and say, "Perfect".

From my husband Gautama and myself, thank you for 10 years.

Priyanka Swamy, Founder of Perfect Locks LLC

Priyanka Swamy

Author and Founder of Perfect Locks LLC

Priyanka Swamy, the visionary founder of Perfect Locks LLC, is a passionate advocate for empowering women and promoting cultural diversity. With an unwavering commitment to ethical sourcing and quality craftsmanship, she redefined the hair extension market and created a supportive community that celebrates individuality. Priyanka's dedication to sustainability and social responsibility continues to inspire positive change within the industry. Her journey with Perfect Locks remains an inspiration, unlocking the true potential and confidence of countless individuals worldwide. Connect with Priyanka on Instagram and LinkedIn.

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