Post-Weave Hair Care After Taking Your Hair Weave Down

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post weave hair care

In follow up to our last post which gave you advice on how to prep your hair prior to putting in a hair weave, this post is all about what to do during and after taking your hair weave down. Taking a weave out can be tedious, especially if you are used to a sew in weave. However, taking your weave out can be an easier process if you choose to take your weave out properly. Here's how:

Wash Your Locks and Condition Them Prior to Removal

Just like you would condition your locks prior to getting your hair colored, it's important to wash and condition your hair to prep it for when you'll be taking your weave out too. Cleaner hair is not only easier to work with, but hair that has enough moisture will be less dirty too. Your hair will be somewhat dirty regardless if you have it up in braids that are "hidden," but washing your hair thoroughly will certainly help with this process. One thing you can do to help reach the hair that's tucked away is to dilute your favorite shampoo, put it into an applicator bottle, and then spray and use it throughout your hair (especially the hair and scalp that gets covered up by your extensions). This will reach and clean the areas of your hair and scalp that are hard to get to. ;)

It's Time to Remove Shed Hair and Untangle Your Locks!

After you've successfully removed your hair extensions, it's time to get rid of your shed hair! If you want to prevent matting it's important to get rid of shed hairs that are hiding near your scalp. To prevent matting and other problems from happening, detangle your hair as you go and use a wide tooth comb. You also can use your fingers to remove as much shed hair as possible as well. Just remember to be gentle so that you won't damage your hair.

If you are seeing a ton of hair don't be alarmed. Your hair after all has been hidden for quite some time so losing some hair is completely normal. ;)

Removing Hair Weaves Take Time - Be Patient!

When you're taking out your weave this doesn't mean that you should rush, rush, rush. In fact, you need to take as much time doing this as possible because you don't want to accidentally cut your real hair! After cutting out the hair weave (do this properly if you want to keep your current hair weave), unravel your braids thoroughly. Also, unraveling them one by one is a good idea, as opposed to doing this quickly. If you try to unravel your braids too fast you're going to end up with a lot of tangles and a big mess of hair. If you do come across knots and tangles (which are to be expected since your hair has been up for a while), take your time and get the tangles out. It may take time and you may find yourself getting frustrated, but you need to treat your tresses with love. You don't want them damaged, you want them in excellent condition! So think of the results and not the current situation.

So remember when you take your weave out that your natural tresses are just as important. Giving your hair time to readjust may take some time, but putting a new weave back in shouldn't be a problem. Take your time and treat your tresses with lots of love - you want your hair to look as lovely as possible!

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