The Best Hair Products for Curly Hair Extensions

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The long wait is over! Our curly-haired customers asked, and we listened. We're excited to announce that we are now selling curly hair care! We have received many requests to provide a curly hair care line and we've been working hard on formulating the perfect solutions for you. As you may already know, we are one of the few hair companies that provide curly hair extensions and kinky curly hair extensions for a wide range of products. We thought, why not add a curly hair care line to the mix? Products that are not only great for your natural hair but also great for color-treated hair and hair extensions! Read on to learn more about our collection of curly hair care products suitably named 'Curl Care'.

Curl Care Defining Shampoo

Our defining shampoo, like the rest of our curly hair care products, is SLS and paraben-free. We wanted to make sure that our shampoo does not strip away the natural oils in your hair, which you need to make your curly hair thrive. Our shampoo includes grapefruit extract, which helps promote strong healthy hair, prevents dandruff, and promotes hair growth. It also includes avocado oil which helps promote curl retention, moisturizes your scalp, strengthens and prevents breakage. Our shampoo boosts curls while gently removing surface impurities and protecting color-treated strands. It hydrates your curls which leaves them vibrant and frizz-free. 

Curl Care Defining Conditioner

Our defining conditioner has the same properties as our shampoo. It provides maximum hydration, boosts curls, adds shine, and maintains a healthy scalp with a blend of botanical extracts. When using the conditioner apply a generous amount throughout your curls and finger comb or use a wide-toothed comb. Let the conditioner sit in your hair for about 3-5 mins so your hair can absorb all the needed moisture. If you need extra hydration, apply a small amount to your hair and use it as a leave-in conditioner.

Curl Care Definer & Amplifier

Our definer and amplifier curl cream is what curly hair dreams are made of! It consists of jojoba seed oil and sunflower extract. Jojoba seed oil is beneficial for conditioning dry hair, promotes curl elasticity, keeps your color-treated hair vibrant, and encourages hair growth. As for the sunflower seed extract it helps reduce bacteria (build-up or dry scalp), reduces hair loss, stimulates hair growth, eliminates frizz, promotes shine and moisture. Did we mention that it also has a thermal protectant, UV protectant, and is humidity resistant? When using this product, make sure to work it through towel-dried hair. You can either diffuse your hair or let it air dry. Our definer and amplifier adds depth and separates curls while adding volume, shine, and texture. 

Curl Care Nourishing Spray

Just like our shampoo and conditioner, our nourishing spray consists of the same ingredients. It controls frizz, boosts shine, and provides a bouncy long-lasting hold without the stickiness or buildup. For shaping frizz-free curls, spray a generous amount to slightly damp hair. Make sure to scrunch and diffuse with a blow dryer or let it dry naturally. If you are wanting to create ringlets, twist your hair around your finger and release. To refresh or shape your curls, apply to dry hair and scrunch. 

Our Curl Care line is here to let your curly hair thrive through any condition! If you are a salon owner and looking for a curly hair care line to sell in your store, reach out to us at We would love to have our line at your location!

Tell us which product you're excited to use or is your favorite! Add a picture and you may be featured on the Perfect Locks Instagram or Facebook page, @perfectlocks!

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