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Cute and Easy Claw Clip Hairstyles For Any Hair Length

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When it comes to hair styling, there's a timeless accessory that has managed to stand the test of time while adding a touch of elegance to countless looks – the humble claw clip. More than just a hair accessory for holding the hair in place, this versatile hair accessory has evolved into a fashion statement, offering women of all hair lengths and textures multiple cute and easy hairstyles.

So, why do women lean towards claw clips? It's simple – claw clips offer a winning combination of convenience, hair care benefits, and versatility that is hard to resist. These handy clips provide an easy-to-wear solution that not only prevents breakage and frizziness caused by traditional elastics but also seamlessly complements any everyday look.

The benefits of incorporating claw clips into your hair routine go beyond their aesthetic appeal. Unlike traditional elastic bands that can cause hair breakage or create unwanted kinks, claw clips gently secure your tresses without pulling or tugging, reducing the risk of damage. Additionally, these clips allow for increased airflow to the hair, reducing the occurrence of frizziness and promoting healthier-looking locks.

Below are some easy claw clip hairstyles to try for long, medium, and short hair.

Claw clip hairstyles for long hair

When it comes to long, flowing locks, the possibilities for styling with claw clips are truly endless. Claw clips offer the perfect solution for taming and elevating long hair, providing a secure hold without compromising on style. Below are some of the best styles to try in order to transform your long locks into a stunning masterpiece.

The Classic French Twist

 Source: Clippedup

When it comes to styling your hair with claw clips, one classic and reliable option that never fails to impress is the elegant French twist. This timeless hairstyle offers versatility and sophistication, making it suitable for various occasions. With the French twist, you have the choice to neatly tuck in the ends for a polished look or leave a few face-framing strands loose to add a touch of contemporary flair. 

The Perfect Bun 


Get ready to channel your inner ballerina and rock a timeless and elegant look with a chic and modern bun hairstyle. Creating this sophisticated style is super easy. Just bend your hair at the base of your head, making a low ponytail, and skillfully twist it upwards. To keep that French twist in place flawlessly, use a claw clip. If you want to add a touch of effortless allure, play around with a few strands or let some soft wisps of hair frame your face beautifully. With this hairstyle, you'll radiate grace and charm effortlessly.

Half-Back Style

Source: Kovessentials

The half-up style adds a touch of graceful charm to your overall appearance, no matter if you are going to a formal event or a casual day out. The good news is, getting this look is pretty easy. Just slide an open claw clip from one side of your head to the other, closing it to secure your gorgeous half-up hairdo. It's quick, easy, and oh-so-stylish!

Loose Braid

Source: Missysueshop

Braids already look awesome on their own, but why not spice things up a bit with a claw clip? Whether you're rocking a classic braid or going all out with a fancy fishtail, adding a claw clip takes your hair game to a whole new level. It's like the missing puzzle piece that completes the look and keeps your braid super secure. So, go ahead and give your braid that extra oomph with a trendy claw clip. You won't regret it!

Side Braided Clip

Source: Locksby_Livy

Want to rock a super cool braided style? Try putting it to the side of your head and securing it with a clip. The side placement gives it an awesome, modern twist that'll turn heads. And here's the fun part: mix it up by trying different colors and shapes of clips. You can go for a sleek and simple clip or go all out with a bold and funky one. It's a great way to switch up the vibe of your look and show off your personal style.

Claw clip hairstyles for medium-length hair

Claw clips offer a lot of possibilities for stylish and practical hairstyles for ladies with medium-length hair. These versatile accessories provide a secure hold while allowing you to elevate your hair game to new heights of beauty. Whether you're aiming for a casual everyday look or preparing for a special occasion, there are numerous claw clip hairstyles that can transform your medium-length locks into a stunning masterpiece.

Clipped-Up Twists


To create clipped-up twists using claw clips, start with clean, dry hair and part it down the center or on the side. Twist one section tightly away from your face and secure it with a claw clip positioned parallel to the twist. Repeat the process on the other side. Adjust and refine the twists as needed, and use styling products to smooth down any flyaways. This elegant hairstyle is perfect for medium-length hair and can be achieved in a few simple steps, allowing you to rock a stylish updo with ease.

Effortlessly Comfortable

Source: heliouxbeauty

For a casual and effortlessly chic everyday look, one of the easiest ways to style with a claw clip is to twist your hair, resembling a bun, and secure it all in place. Leave the top section slightly relaxed and flopped out for a relaxed vibe. To add a bit of personality and color to this hairstyle, you can opt for a claw clip like the MLE Gemini Claw in Chai. It's a simple yet stylish way to elevate your everyday look with a touch of charm. 

Half-Up, Half-Down

Source: jona.thelabel

To create a relaxed and effortlessly stylish hairstyle, begin by separating the top section of your hair starting from behind your ears. Take a claw clip and secure the clipped-up portion of hair, allowing the remaining hair to cascade down naturally. This technique adds an extrra volume and dimension to your hairstyle, creating a soft and flowing look. By gently clipping up the top part, you achieve a stylish and carefree vibe while still maintaining an overall relaxed appearance.

Chignon Claw Clip Hairstyle

Source: vanityeditofficial

To achieve this stunning hairstyle, start by gathering your hair into a low ponytail positioned at the base of your head. Fold the ponytail in half and secure it against your head using a generously sized claw clip. For an added touch of sophistication, allow a few loose ends to cascade delicately from the bottom of the style. This simple yet refined technique effortlessly showcases your hair's beauty while maintaining a polished and put-together appearance.

Messy French Twist

Source: brookeavaboucher

The messy French twist is a beloved claw clip hairstyle that effortlessly combines elegance with a relaxed charm. To achieve this look, start with textured, dry hair and gather it loosely towards the back. Twist the gathered hair upwards, tucking and folding it towards the nape of your neck while allowing loose strands to fall naturally. Secure the twist with a claw clip, ensuring it maintains a relaxed and messy appearance. Adjust and refine the twist as needed, and add finishing touches by pulling out face-framing strands or loosening sections for a softer look.

Claw clip hairstyles for short hair

While short hair may seem limited in terms of styling options, claw clips offer versatile and stylish solutions for creating captivating hairstyles. Here are a few claw clip hairstyles that are perfect for short hair:

Half-Up Twist

Source: Z Hair Academy

Gather the top section of your hair and twist it towards the back. Secure the twist with a claw clip, leaving the bottom section loose. This style adds texture and dimension to your short hair while keeping it off your face.

Side Sweep

Source: afroanihairlove

Create a deep side part and sweep one side of your hair back. Secure it with a claw clip at the back of your head, allowing the remaining side to fall naturally. This asymmetrical look adds a touch of elegance and showcases your facial features.

Mini Updo

Source: gingeriley

Gather a small section of hair at the crown of your head and twist it into a mini bun. Secure it with a claw clip for a chic and polished look. This hairstyle adds volume and sophistication to short hair.

Twisted Bangs

Source: Pinterest

Take your bangs or front hair sections and twist them away from your face. Secure them with a small claw clip to create a trendy and stylish look that keeps your hair out of your eyes.

Accent Clips

Source: Tegen Accessories

Use small claw clips to accessorize and add pops of color or sparkle to your short hair. Simply clip them strategically throughout your hair to create a playful, eye-catching hairstyle.

Hair Extensions to Achieve Your Perfect Style

For achieving the best results with claw clip hairstyles, it's essential to choose the right type of hair extensions. Clip-in hair extensions are an ideal option for this purpose. They are easy to use and can be quickly clipped into your natural hair, adding instant length and volume. Look for high-quality, Ready to wear hair extensions like clip-in hair extensions or clip-in ponytails are perfect, as they seamlessly blend with your own hair and allow for styling versatility. Remy hair extensions, in particular, are a top choice as they maintain the hair's cuticle alignment, preventing tangling and ensuring a more natural appearance.

Additionally, selecting extensions that closely match your hair color or highlights will create a flawless integration, making the claw clip hairstyle appear even more seamless and captivating. By opting for clip-in extensions made from real human hair and tailored to your hair color, you can confidently experiment with an array of stunning claw clip looks that exude both beauty and elegance.

Remember to experiment and play around with different claw clip placements and styles to find the ones that suit your short hair best. With the right claw clip, you can transform your short locks into stunning and fashionable hairstyles that highlight your unique personality.

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