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Beaded Weft

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Our natural colors and tones.

Looking for a different color? Place a custom order.

How we measure hair at Perfect Locks.

Hair Measuring Policy

All our hair is measured when straight. If selecting a 22" Curly, it's actual visible length will most likely curl up to 18" to 20". Please keep this in mind when planning for your hairstyle and making your purchase.

Extra Length Included

At Perfect Locks, since all of our hair is Single Drawn hair, meaning it's natural from root to tip, we give you an extra 2 inches of length to account for any natural length variation. Most customers love the natural ends, but we have those who like to snip covered.

Note the type of Hair

When selecting hair, please note the type of hair extensions will have an impact on where the hair will fall. For example, Cli-Ins can be placed strategically, where a Lace Closure is placed up top on your crown. 

Behold, beads on a weft.

The best of both worlds. A long 4oz wefted track and the most popular cold fusion technique. No glue or adhesives, your stylist will simply thread your hair through the bead and clamp. Go in for a touch up after your hair grows out to slide the beads up. presto. Available in straight, wavy, and curly and multiple colors.

Guaranteed Authenticity

Longevity, durability, and flexibility is the name of the game.

Low Maintenance

Spend your time styling and impressing, not detangling and frustrated.

Hand-made in India

Hand-crafted with care in India and triple inspected in California.

The best of both worlds

We've taken the best of both worlds by painstakingly sewing beads on the track of a full 4 oz weft of hair, it's like a fusion hair fiesta! Micro beads are the hottest trend, just thread your hair through the bead and clamp. Wefts offer plenty of volume, length, and width. The result is our amazingly versatile beaded weft tracks.

Touch ups are easy every 4 to 6 weeks. Simply unclamp the beads, slide them up on your newly grown roots, and reclamp. It doesn’t get much easier, or gorgeous, than this.


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