Impulse - Best Hair Quality Modal

Virgin and Remy Hair

The quality of hair is the most important factor in your hair experience. All Perfect Locks hair extensions products start with the finest ethically sourced virgin Indian hair available. Virgin hair means the hair is pure and not altered with chemicals in any way, preserving the integrity, reliability, and longevity you'd come to expect from an ultra high-quality product.

If we add color or a steam-perming pattern to the hair, it's no longer "virgin", it is considered Remy however. Aside from virgin hair, Remy hair maintains the highest level of quality allowing for maximum performance.

Cuticles Are Intact and Aligned

Both our virgin and Remy hair keep the cuticle intact and aligned. The cuticle is the natural structure of the hair, and is the foremost factor in keeping your hair soft, healthy, and manageable. 

Other Important Characteristics

  • Single-drawn: meaning the hair used on each product comes from one single person, ensuring consistency with texture and color. 
  • Silicone-Free: Many products in the market may sleek, shiny, and soft to begin with - But will lead to tangling, matting, and breakage issues in the long run. 
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