fusion i-tip hair extensions

Fusion I-Tips

I-Tipped fusion hair extensions have a stick-like Italian keratin tipped end, which can be used for both hot glue and cold micro-beaded installations. We have both virgin and colored hair fusion hair, perfect for any consumer or professional installations.

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Install Gorgeous I-Tip Hair Extensions with Hot Glue or Micro Beads.

Perfect Locks I-Tip extensions are installed strand-by-strand using hot or cold fusion techniques. Application usually takes 1 to 3 hours. The installation will last anywhere from 4 to 8 weeks. Perfect Locks Remy cuticle tips can be removed and reinstalled multiple times to accommodate the natural hair growth.

Using the hot glue method, the tips can be bonded to strands of your hair by melting keratin glue to your existing stands of hair. For this method, you'll need a fusion hot pot, a fusion hair iron, glue sticks or pebbles, and pliers.

The microbead method uses a Perfect Locks looping tool to thread the client's natural hair through the bead, and hair extension pliers to clamp the bead to the client's hair. Perfect Locks microbeads are lined with silicone to prevent damage and slippage.

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