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fusion hair extensions

Fusion Hair Extensions

Your hot and cold fusion hair extension installs will never be the same. All of our fusion bundles are tipped with high-grade Italian keratin and will create a seamless bond, giving you natural movement and hair happiness. Use our virgin and Remy hair for you next fusion install.

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Hot fusion or cold fusion, these extensions offer long lasting durability and a flawless finish.

When it comes to add-on hair, fusion bonds are the extension of choice for A-list Hollywood elite, arguably the most realistic, comfortable and natural looking of all hair extensions. Starting with the highest quality Indian Remy hair, these bundles are tipped with premium natural keratin and can be attached with either hot or cold micro bead fusion. Featuring our own private blended Italian KeraLuxe™ tips, they offer long-lasting and durable wearability. Each pack contains 1 ounce of hair with 25 strands.

If you're looking for fusion tips to use with microbeads or hot glue, our i-tip hair extensions have stick-like ends that fit the bill. Alternatively, our u-tip hair extensions have a fingernail-like end that wrap around and hot-glued to small sections of your hair. The choice is yours.

U-TIP extensions are ideal for normal to wavy hair types using the hot fusion method on clean, healthy and product-free hair. Using a low amount of heat to melt our Italian KeraLuxe™ tips, U-TIPs are popular because of the small attachment spot needed…allowing for natural blending. U-TIPS are available in 3 different textures (straight, wavy & curly) and in 5 lengths from 10” to 26”.

I-TIP extensions are typically applied with a cold fusion method and are ideal for kinky hair types (Type 3 or 4). Cold fusion is ideal for thinning hair or for those undergoing chemotherapy as the extension can be bonded closely to the scalp, on at least 3 to 4 inches of healthy hair. I-TIPS also feature our Italian KeraLuxe™ tips, and form a nail-like invisible bond when attached via ultrasound or with micro-links to natural hair. I-TIPS are available in 3 different textures (straight, wavy & curly), in 6 natural colors and 5 lengths from 10” to 26”.


On average 4 - 8 weeks per install, can be reinstalled 3 - 4 times.

How to care for fusion hair

Fusion hair requires a bit more maintenance than other types of extensions. If using hot fusion methods with keratin glue, you need to be cautious of brushing, and you must also not apply conditioner directly to the glued area. Some conditioners can loosen the keratin bond which can cause pieces to slip out. Fusion hair also requires touch-ups by a professional to accommodate for new hair growth, so be prepared to visit your stylist every 4 to 8 weeks so they can slide or re-glue your extensions.

Protect your investment

Invest in your hair, we recommend using only the highest quality sulfate-free hair care products for your weaves. Doing so regularly will keep them soft and tangle-free. Our Inspire line of hair care products has been proven to work and prolong the life of our hair.

  • Are you looking for added length or fullness to your hair? YES
  • Is your hair healthy and strong? YES
  • Do you want a long-term extension installation you can commit to? YES
  • Do you have the time to commit to morning and evening maintenance? YES
  • Do you want to be able to able to comb your hair in any style, whether it is a part on the side, a part in the middle, twists in the front, or a pony tail straight back? YES

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