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Nov. 27th - Nov. 29th

bulk hair extensions for braiding

Bulk Hair Extensions

Use our bulk hair extensions to braid your hair or make a custom wig strand by strand. These human hair strands are used for braiding are are comprised of the finest pure virgin Indian hair. Achieve amazing results through braids or your next hair project.

4.65 / 5 stars, 46 reviews

For extensionists who are truly master artisans of custom hair pieces, our 100% authentic Indian human remy hair is sourced consistently and ethically right from the temple.

For centuries the finest salons in the world…long before hair pieces and wigs became a global enterprise, crafted by hand some of the most unique and custom hair creations for their clientele. This art form lives on, in the hands of true extensionists who offer the ultimate in realism, flexibility and longevity. Whether you are creating your own wigs strand by strand, custom braids or even your own temporary hair pieces, Perfect Locks starts you with premium quality hair. Available in 4 different lengths and 3 textures, each bundle is approximately 4 ounces of Virgin hair.

  • Premium quality, 100% authentic Indian human remy hair.
  • Authentically Virgin hair, it has never been treated or processed in any way for a perfectly aligned and intact cuticle on every strand.
  • Each bundle is single drawn, with natural variations of length…similar to how natural hair grows from the scalp.

Anywhere from 6 to 12+ months depending on the method.

Bulk hair comes shipped to you completely loose only held together by string. All of the cuticle on the hair is aligned and facing the same direction, and it's important to keep it that way. When working with bulk hair, if strands get inverted, it will cause tangling and matting issues. You should only purchase bulk hair if you have exact intentions with your installation, and if you know it well.

  • Are you highly skilled in working with hair? YES!
  • Do you desire the flexibility to create unique wigs and hair pieces for every client? YES!
  • Are you an avid braider or wig maker looking for the best quality hair for your clients? YES

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