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What Are Beaded Weft Hair Extensions? (Spoiler: You'll đź’ś Them)

Chances are you know that hair extensions have been around for a long, long time. In fact, you’d have to go back to 1335 B.C. to see Cleopatra sporting the world’s first weave. For the most part after that extensions changed very little, originally being sew-into the hair but later being attached with everyone from glues to tapes or bonds.

More recently Hollywood celebrities (like Kate Hudson) who make a living off of having Red Carpet ready hair ALL the time started pushing for a new innovation that allowed for the length and volume of a weave with less damage and more durability. The invention? Beaded wefts hair extensions!

celebrities wear beaded weft extensions


A weft is simply a curtain of hair that is sewn together by a machine at the top forming a panel that can then be wrapped unto your head. This sewing method makes for a really durable hair extension option, because unlike glues, bonds or tape, individual strands of hair can’t simply fall out. You have a solid panel that is locked in and not going anywhere!

“Beaded” wefts are wefts that are attached with tiny silicone-lined beads to your natural hair without the use of glue, heat, tape chemicals that are common culprits when it comes to hair damage. A little bit of your natural hair is pulled through the bead with our Perfect Locks Micro Loop Wand and then crimped to stay snug on your hair. It’s one of the fastest and easiest hair extension methods.

beaded weft rows


  1. Less weight on your natural hair = less damage! Unlike other methods, these small micro beads have a practically weightless silicone lining that doesn’t weigh down your hair follicle. Celebrities such as Kate Hudson became the poster child of hair loss due to overuse of heavy extensions that stressed her natural hair.
  2. Ultra-discrete, you’ll forget you’re wearing it! Because they use small beads to attached the weft to your hair and scalp, they are the most “barely there” extensions you’ll ever experience. The weave sits close to the head, so they are virtually undetectable.
  3. 8+ months of wear! Our Perfect Locks Beaded Wefts are triple stitched on a machine wefted tracked. Because they are solidly made, you only have to come back in to have them re-beaded every four months. You can use the same weft two to three times before it will need to be replaced, but in between then you don’t need more than a touchup and re-clamp!
  4. Ideal for the Gym. One of the best benefits of beaded wefts is that they move easily without stressing the hair or causing damage. Our FreeStyle™ Micro Beads mean that you can work out, job and get your yoga on without damaging your weft or your natural hair.
how to install beaded weft hair extensions


Set up a consultation with your stylist to determine the best type of extension for your hair and lifestyle, or stop by our showroom in Walnut Creek, CA! Can’t make it in? Give us a call at 1-888-290-4771 and our customer service team would be more than happy to answer your burning questions!


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