Warriors Dance Team Sponsor, 3 Years Strong

warriors dance team


We LOVE The Warriors! And we LOVE our girls! The Warriors Dance Team is a powerhouse crew of cheerleaders that dance to show support for our beloved Golden State Warriors, and we get to sponsor them for 3 years in a row. Many of the girls on the team have been wearing our hair extensions season after season, there will be a new incoming wave of energetic ladies for the 2016-17 season after auditions, exciting!

warrirors swimsuit calendarBeauty, Brains, and the Bay

These girls are more than just dancing machines, they are ambitious and driven beauties with goals, bright futures, and promising career paths. Education and aspiration are high on their list of goals and achievements, many of them bachelors, masters, and P.H.D's. we find them to be the perfect fit to represent our brand. They have worked very hard to get where they are today, and it's just the beginning for many of them. As Bay Area natives, dancing for the Warriors is more than just a job, it's a passion and love.

High Hair Performance Standards is a Must

Types of hair extensions, textures, and colors are diverse just as the girls themselves. These girls dance hard, they need hair that can stand up to the test. Game after game, style after style, and wash after wash, our hair has given them the confidence and spirit to support The Warriors to the best of their ability. Cuticle intact hair that doesn't matte, tangle, or shed is one of their top priorities. The products the girls use range from Tape-InsVirgin WeavesSilk ClosuresFusion I-Tips.

dance team girls 

Stay tuned for a very promising season! We'll also be having many promotions around The Warriors and the Dance Team, including exclusive inspirational stories and giveaways including tickets to upcoming games at The Oracle! Go Warriors!!!

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