The Curly Girl’s Guide to Perfect Bangs

When it comes to hair trends, bangs or fringe tend to cycle, with them being the “it” hairstyle of the early 2000s on the likes of Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie. For 2020 they reemerged as a dominant trend, featured on the Estrop runway at Fashion Week back in March and catching headlines on the likes of Dua Lipa, and Emma Watson. But for girls rocking their natural texture (or amplifying it with the help of Perfect Locks hair extensions), what is the best way to rock a fringe with curls?

1. Go With The Flow

When it comes to your natural hair, fringes get a bad rap for being “finicky”, but really it comes down to a great consultation with your hairdresser. Make sure you have a stylist who really knowns how to cut and style curly hair, as curls have to be cut to move or form so they move naturally with frizzing. A great stylist will cut and shape your curls based on how heavy your hair is or how dense it is.

natural bang hairstyles

2. Square-Shaped Chic

If you have a square-shaped face, heavy bangs help to soften your face and create a dramatic look that focuses on your eye. Ask your stylist to leave them longer on the side and feathery for a modern and chic look.

bangs with square shaped face

3. Round-Faced Illusions

For round-shaped faces, your bangs will look best when they are graphic, thick and fall just above your eyebrows. Cut well, it will create the illusion of a longer face.

hair for round shaped face

4. Play-Up Your Femininity

For oval-shaped you have more freedom in terms of the shape. Generally, curly bangs should fall below the brow bone to accentuate your face and play up your feminine features.

hairstyles for oval shaped faces

5. Trendy Side-Swept Bangs

For heart-shaped faces, a trendy side-swept bang will prevent the top of the fringe from looking too heavy and should be cut in the direction that you like to part your hair.

 short curly hairstyles for side swept bangs

6. Hydration is Essential

To keep them frizzing, hydration is essential, so use only sulfate-free, water-based styling creams and gels that will moisturize and enhance your curls without letting them become unruly. Our Perfect Locks Curl Care Mega Bundle has everything you need to keep your curls hydrated, healthy and perfectly formed.

7. Styling Tips for Next-Level Curls

The diffuser is your friend and all you need is a simple round one to enhance your natural waves and curls by 30% without making them look frizzy. For a heat-free option, when your hair is 80% air dry, apply our Curl Care Styling Cream and twist the hair around your finger to create small curls. Pin the curl to the top of your hair with a clip or bobby pin. Allow it to completely dry, then simply take out your clips or pins and shake your curls out gently.

And there you have it! No matter what you're curl situation is, there's a style for you. Also, keep in mind there are a number of bang hairstyles you can create yourself using human hair extensions. Perfect Locks offers a variety of clip-in bangs that can be cut and styled to blend in with your desired look. 

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