How to Make Your Hair Extensions Last Longer

how to make your hair extensions last longer

Purchasing hair from a trusted company is the first step to having long-lasting extensions. Perfect Locks hair is high quality 100% Remy human hair, which allows you to style it however you’d like. Buying quality hair is in investment, so get the most out of your hair by taking care of it.

Moisture Is Key

Moisture is what keeps hair healthy and allows it to bounce back to its original state. Keep in mind that extensions are not attached to the scalp so they do not receive the same nutrients that your natural hair does. That is why you must be sure to keep your hair moisturized and use products that restore the nutrients the extensions are deprived of. For hair that is used on a regular basis, we recommend deep conditioning the hair at least once a month.

Stay Away From Sulfates and Alcohol

Products with sulfates and alcohol can severely damage even the best hair. These substances can be extremely drying and even work to break down the hair so products containing these harmful chemicals should be avoided at all costs. Be mindful of what you are putting in your hair. For guaranteed, quality care, check out our Essentials Bundle.

Base Your Wash Schedule on How Often You Wear Your Hair

The more often you wear your hair, the more often you need to wash it. If you wear your hair every day or several times a week, you need to wash your hair at least once a week. If you tend to use product on your extensions, please be sure to wash it out so that the hair can return to its original state. If you wear your hair on occasion and don’t subject it to too much product, a wash every now and then is perfectly fine.

Invest In Proper Storage

Protect your hair by storing it in pouches or boxes that are designed for hair specifically. Our Hair Extension Storage Pouch is made of soft and flexible velvet with a satin-silk lining to keep the hair smooth and prevent tangling. We also sell Storage Boxes to keep your hair safe when it’s not installed.

A strict hair maintenance routine and proper storage practices will ensure that your hair lasts for as long as possible. This will allow for multiple installations and longer-lasting wear. What are some of your tricks to make your Perfect Locks last?

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