How to Get Longer, Fuller Hair in 5 Minutes or Less

Semi-permanent extensions are not for everyone. Some women are simply too busy to sit in a chair for hours, while others want the option of being able to take their extensions out whenever they please. Clip-ins are an excellent option for those who want to add volume and length without the commitment. If you don’t want to bother with 7 individual pieces from our clip-in hair extensions, try our one piece clip-in volumizer! It provides the same effect as a clip-in set or a halo piece.

Meet the Amazing Breena Martinez

Perfect Locks Brand Ambassador, personal trainer, and bodybuilder Breena Martinez absolutely loves her straight 22” virgin 1B clip-in volumizer. Whether she’s working out in the gym, training her clients, or competing (and winning 😉) in bodybuilding contests, she’s always rocking her volumizer. When asked about her favorite piece, Breena said, “it’s great because I could put it in quickly and where it as is, or style it however I need to. I can wear it up in a ponytail, or down in a long and luxurious style.”

Flashback to when I won the first show of my 2017 season. My crown was literally about to fall off but it didn’t even matter. I had a kool-aid smile from ear to ear! Taking the time to remember what that moment felt like. Holding that sword, feeling my heart race, holding back the tears of happiness, remembering all the reps and hard work that was put in everyday.....all the feels I am determined to repeat! Tomorrow is 5 weeks out until my first show of 2018. Can’t wait to step on that @arnoldsports stage!🤘🏾👊🏾 #IcanIamIdid #BreenaMartinez #npc #ifbbpro #ifbbproleague #bikini #bodybuilding #champion #olympian #fbf #flashbackfriday #flashback #arnoldsports #olympia #TeamProTan #TeamLipoxyderm #abs #glutes #muscle #hardwork #motivation #getit #believe #believeinyourself #flex #flexfriday

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Volume, Versatility, and Vavavoom

For a seamless blend, our volumizers are designed with an InvisiNET™ integration pattern that allows you to pull your hair through the integration holes to perfectly blend it into the extensions. Breena can be seen installing the volumizer towards the back of her head. For a smooth and sleek ponytail look, Breena attached the volumizer in a way that reduces any bulkiness, allowing her to easily pull her hair, as well as the volumizer, into a stylish ponytail.

Confidence You Can Wear

Breena has been wearing our clip-in volumizer for 5 years! The flexibility of the weft allows for incredible versatility, which is exactly what a go-getter like Breena needs. The instant transformation the volumizer provides gives her all the confidence she needs to go out on that stage and strut her stuff! Perfect Locks is incredibly proud to sponsor Breena at her shows. If you’d like to know more about Breena, please be sure to follow her on Instagram (@breenamartinez) and check out her website

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