How to Clip Hair Extensions into Short Hair

clip in hair extensions

Have you ever wanted to try clip-in hair extensions but thought your hair might be too short? Well, it might be. Or, it might not be! Making your finished hairstyle look as natural as possible is of the utmost importance. If you have at least 4 to 6 inches then you should read on, because you have a good amount of hair to blend into the extensions. If you have much longer hair, then these tips will work for you too!

Prepare Your Natural Hair

First either straighten your hair or if your hair dries straight naturally, part in on the side after it is dry. Having your hair straight will make it easier to apply your hair extension clip-ins or your other extensions depending on the hair extensions you recently purchased. Then later you can curl your hair if you’d like. Select hair extensions that match your hair in both color and texture. Create a long, side bang. Grab the tools you’ll need:
  • A back-combing comb
  • A few clips to hold hair in sections
  • Flexible hold hairspray
  • Hair extensions with clips in varying sizes

Ria Michelle looking flawless wearing our 18 inch virgin Indian hair!

The hair extensions to have varying widths where the clips are sewn in. The length of the top part of the extension should increase as you move up your head. Above the ears, the widest extension should be able to reach all the way across your head, from top of ear to top of ear. Eight pieces are adequate for thin hair, less for thicker hair.

Basic Technique

Pull up all your hair, leaving a small section in the back. Clip up the top hair. You want the part above the small section of hair to be as straight as you can get it. At the top of the down section, use back-comb and back-comb at the part. Spray on a bit of hairspray and clip in your shortest hair extension. Let down the top hair and then pull out another low section about a finger-width above the last part.
Repeat the previous steps, using a hair extension that is slightly wider than the last. Repeat these sections until you reach a finger-width below the top of your ear.



Your widest extension should span from the top of your ear to the top of your other ear and be used now. Part as usual and only backcomb where you put the clips in. Put the clips on either side as close to the ear as possible. This will be your second to last extension.
Next, blend hair over it. In front, cut one extension so that it matches the natural layers of your hair from bangs to end. You’ll be adding this to the side of your part that has the most thickness, and it should be wide enough to go only halfway ¼ of the way around your head.
Clip one of the side clips about one inch in from the side of your bang. The other side should be hidden under your hair. Brush to blend and lengthen the look of your side bangs. Adjust clips to hide as needed.
Now Lockettes you should have your Perfect Locks hair extensions in tact. Go out and have some fun!
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